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Astroscope is the name of a fictional character from theTransformers series. He should not be confused with Astrotrain.

Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Name Astroscope
Japanese name Mir
Series Transformers: Armada
Transformers: Energon
Alternate modes Satellite
Partner Skyblast, Payload, Ultra Magnus, and Knock Out
Sub-group Space Team

Astroscope is a Mini-Con scientist.[1]

Animated series

Astroscope first appeared in episode #28, called "Awakening". He last appeared in episode #52, called "Mortal Combat."

Dreamwave Productions

In Transformers: Armada #9-11 by Dreamwave Productions the Space Team were among the Mini-Cons survived crashing on Earth's moon. Under the leadership of Dualor they built a fortress there and defended it from an attack by Megatron, Starscream, Thrust and Cyclonus. Once Megatron overpowered the base the Mini-Cons escaped to Earth.

Astroscope appeared among the Mini-Cons in issue #18 of the Transformers: Armada comic book who aided Over-Run using the Mini-Con Matrix in the defeat of Unicron.

According to the author of Space Teams's bios in the More Than Meets the Eye series Payload is based on the Marvel Comics hero The Thing, Skyblast on the Human Torch and Astroscope on Mister Fantastic.


  • Armada Astroscope (2002)
He was available in a set of the Mini-Con Space Team.
A special Target store exclusive bonus pack of Armada Jetfire with Comettor came with the Space Team Mini-Cons Payload, Skyblast and Astroscope.
  • Energon Astroscope
The Mini-Con Space Team was repackaged in Energon and then recolored and included with Energon Ultra Magnus.
  • Universe Astroscope (unreleased)
Redecos of the Space Team was to be partnered the unreleased Universe Decepticon Spacewarp.