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Rik Alvarez
Born 1979
Other names J.E. Alvarez
Occupation Chief executive manager of Play With This Too
Known for G.I. Joe, Transformers

Rik Alvarez is the chief executive manager of Play With This Too. He is an author who has worked for several years as a consultant for various Hasbro licensees. In 2009 Rik was hired as a full time Creative Manager at Hasbro Inc. While at Hasbro, Rik worked on various brands including Transformers and G.I. Joe. He helped in developing the intellectual property, toys and licensed products for the Transformers films Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction. Rik also assisted in developing the television series Transformers: Prime and G.I. Joe Renegades. During his time at Hasbro, Rik was also involved in developing Hasbro’s figure line plan and working with various licensees including IDW, Jagex and Net Dragon. He has also worked closely with the Official Transformers and G.I. Joe clubs and conventions. One of Rik’s favorite accomplishments while at Hasbro was creating the Transformers Hall of Fame introduction videos and directing the faux documentary Erector: Righteously Huge. Rik is the chief executive manager of Play With This Too.[1]


Assistant editor

Audio commentary



Lead writer



Rik Alvarez as interviewed by The Pow Wow Show podcast on October 1st, 2014 about his history and founding of Play With This Too.[2]

Rik was interviewed by the Shattered Cast Uncut podcast on October 9th, 2014.[3]

Rik was interviewed on the TFYLP podcast on October 10th, 2014[4]

The Retro Robot Radio show for October 25th, 2014 interviewed Rik Alvarez. The show discussed Play With This Too team members Mark Wong, Steve Redinger, Trent Troop, Ken Christiansen, Aaron Archer and Simon Furman. It also talked about the toys for Ancient Astronaut, Astroblast, Bloodbath, Boneyard, Desolataur, Jetwash and Steel Cock as well as the first three volumes of Head Shots.[5]

The [email protected] podcast for October 27th, 2014 interviewed Rik Alvarez. He talked about Ancient Astronaut, Astroblast, Desolataur and the Play With Yourself box set.[6]

The Cybercast podcast for November 22nd, 2014 interviewed Rik Alvarez. He spoke about Play With This Toosday reveals, Astroblast, Bloodbath, Desolataur, Ironstrike, Jetwash, The Mighty Muscules - Son of Testosteros, Tri-Gorr and the Play With Yourself Box Set. He announced the villains of his series would be called Heretics.[7]

Rik Alvarez was interviewed by Charles and Candice in the November 25th, 2014 episode of the Super Epic Podcast Theater. In it they talk about Candice joining the Play With This Too team, her Head Shots and the art of Jetstrike she is doing. They mention the toys for Bitemark, Catastropheles, Flarestrike, and the Mighty Muscules.[8]

The Repacked Podcast podcast for December 29th, 2014 interviewed Rik Alvarez of Play With This Too. They talked about Simon Furman and Christopher Dahlberg joining the team and about the figures for Desolataur and Mighty Muscules as well as Head Shots Vol. 5.[9]


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