Mathew Robert Ignash

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Mathew Robert Ignash

Ignash in 2013
Born December 1971 (age 51)
Warren, Michigan, USA
Nationality American
Other names Scaleface, mignash, RetroRobotRadio
Education Roseville High School, Macomb Community College
Occupation Electronics technician
Political party Libertarian
Spouse Gerette Marie Ignash
Parents Robert John Ignash
Bonnie Jean Ignash

Mathew Robert Ignash is a technician who works at Vast Productions. He was born on December 27th, 1971.

Toy names

Mathew suggested the names for the following toys:

In August 2013 Mathew suggested in a thread to TFcon that they recolor X-Transbots Krank into Shafter. This exclusive was announced for TFcon 2014.

Voice acting

Mathew voiced Storescream in Battle of the Bootlegs and Beast Machines Tankor in the TransformersCon 2006 voice actor play.


Mathew is the host of the RetroRobotRadio Bitchute channel.


Mathew is the host of the RetroRobotRadio YouTube channel.


Mathew is the designer behind Doctor Splicer's Shop Of Horrors on Shapeways, the largest store of Shapeways Micronauts and Microman parts, as well as designing parts for Robolinks, Starriors and Transformers.


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