Candice N. Santora

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Candice N. Santora
Other names Candi
Education Degree in digital arts
Occupation Quality control, freelance artist with Play With This Too
Known for Fan art, podcasting, Gary Chalk Official Fan Group

Candice N. Santora is an artist and podcast host who currently works with Play With This Too.

Candice has been working full time for over a decade in quality assurance, but in her spare time, she is a fan artist who dabbles in Transformers, Disney, nature, portraits and commissions just to name a few, as well as photography and a little bit of cosplay and voice over work. She is mostly a self-taught artist, doodling ever since she was little, with a degree in Digital Arts. Her favorite mediums include pencil, acrylic paint and Photoshop. Candice has designed some exclusive prints for conventions such as Savcon where she was also the guest liaison on the staff, and Slagacon. Encouraged by a friend, she has traveled a little bit around North America to sell her prints in hopes of reaching out and meeting new people. In addition to her recreational artwork, she co-hosts with her friend, Charles, on their monthly podcast called Super Epic Podcast Theater. Since about 2009, Candice has also been the administrator for the Garry Chalk Official Fan Group on Facebook where fans can gather and discuss all things related to the famous voice actor. She is excited and grateful to share her talent with Play With This Too, and to begin a new adventure.


Rik Alvarez was interviewed by the Shattered Cast Uncut podcast on October 9th, 2014. Rik talked about Head Shots Vol. 1 and an about the upcoming announcement of hiring a fan artist.[1]

Rik Alvarez was interviewed by Charles and Candice in the November 25th, 2014 episode of the Super Epic Podcast Theater. In it they talk about Candice joining the Play With This Too team, her Head Shots and the art of Jetstrike she is doing. They mention the toys for Bitemark, Catastropheles, Flarestrike, and the Mighty Muscules.[2]


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