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A third party Transformer toy is a transformable toy created / intended to be part of the Transformers series by an unlicensed 3rd party toy company. These toys can be completely original designs, new molds based on existing characters, add-on sets for existing Transformers toys.

Copies of existing Transformers molds are generally not regarded as third party Transformers, although the lines are somewhat murky because of examples of collector companies occasionally producing toys that copy some Hasbro/Takara mold work, while adding some original molding as well. One-Off customs are usually not considered third party Transformer toys.

Growth of the third party Transformer industry is largely due to rejuvenated interest in Transformers following release of the Classic line in 2006 and the 2007 Transformers film release. It was generally targeted at filling the gaps Hasbro's toys demanded by the collectors.

Art Feather


Beelzeboss Studio

Name Released Picture Notes
Devil Horns Custom Kit 2011 Devilhorns-box.jpg Classic Cliffjumper head and guns
Growing Pains Custom Kit 2012 Growingpainscustomkit-toy.jpg Classic Goldbug head
Heroic Duo Custom Kit 2012 Heroicduocustomkit-box.jpg Universe Sideswipe and Red Alert parts
Hot Air Unreleased Combiner Wars Slingshot
Spiritual Leadership Custom Kit Unreleased Combiner Wars Optimus Prime upgrade

BTS Toys

Name Released Picture Notes
Mobile Command Base 2009 Mobilecommandbase.jpg Classic Voyager Optimus Prime trailer
Motion Cryptotype Base 2009 Motioncryptotypebase-box.jpg Henkei Voyager Crystal Optimus Prime trailer
Nemesis Command Center 2009 Nemesiscommandcenter-box.jpg Universe Voyager Nemesis Prime trailer
Nemesis Motion Base 2009 Nemesismotionbase-box.jpg Timelines Voyager Optimus Prime trailer
Teletran Kit 2009 Teletrankit.jpg Classic guns and accessories
Matrix of Leadership 2010 Matrixofleadership.jpg Generation 1 Optimus Prime accessories
Sonicron 2011 Sonicron-box.jpg Soundwave
Savage and Nightfang 2012 Savageandnightfang-box.jpg Generation 1 Ravage and Ratbat
Tremor and Frequency 2012 Tremorandfrequenct-box.jpg Generation 1 Rumble and Frenzy
Yin and Yang 2012 Yinandyang-box.jpg Recolors of Tremor and Frequency
Nova Lord Unreleased Generation 1 Overlord
Resonator Unreleased Generation 1 Blaster


DaCa Toys

DMY Studios

Dr. Wu

Dream Factory



Gear 4 Toys




Impossible Toys

Name Released Picture Notes
Female Sidekick 2009 Femalesidekick-box.jpg Animated Sari Sumdac
Alicon 2012 Alicon-box.jpg Generation 1 Allicon
Alpha Traon 2012 Alphatraon-box.jpg Generation 1 Alpha Trion
Arbilus 2012 Arbilus-box.jpg Generation 1 Arblus
Kranax 2012 Kranax-box.jpg Generation 1 Kranix
Banshee Unreleased Banshee-box.jpg Generation 1 Starscream

Junkion Blacksmith



Name Released Picture Notes
Bumblebee King 2011 Bumblebeeking-box.jpg Transforming live action movie Bumblebee from Lego-like bricks

Keith's Fantasy Club


Mastermind Creations

MasterShooter Collectibles

Mech IDeas


Perfect Effect

Planet X

Play With This Too




Name Released Picture Notes
Commander Custom Parts 2009 Head and accessories for City Commander
DFT-01 2009 Custom Autobot Drift


TFC Toys


Transformazing Toys

Unique Toys


Name Released Picture Notes
Wheelie Survivalist 2011 Wheeliesurvivalist.jpg Generation 1 Wheelie



Zenith Forge

Other companies and their toys