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A third party Transformer is a toy created to be part of the Transformers series by an unlicensed 3rd party toy company. These toys can be completely original designs, new molds based on existing characters, add-on sets for existing Transformers toys, and even copies (knockoffs) of existing Transformers molds.


Art Feather



Name Released Picture Notes
Devil Horns Custom Kit 2011 Devilhorns-box.jpg Classic Cliffjumper head and guns
Growing Pains Custom Kit 2012 Growingpainscustomkit-toy.jpg Classic Goldbug head
Heroic Duo Custom Kit 2012 Heroicduocustomkit-box.jpg Universe Sideswipe and Red Alert parts

BTS Toys

Name Released Picture Notes
Mobile Command Base 2009 Mobilecommandbase.jpg Classic Voyager Optimus Prime trailer
Nemesis Command Center 2009 Nemesiscommandcenter-box.jpg Universe Voyager Nemesis Prime trailer
Nemesis Motion Base 2009 Nemesismotionbase-box.jpg Timelines Voyager Optimus Prime trailer
Teletran Kit 2009 Teletrankit.jpg Classic guns and accessories
Matrix of Leadership 2010 Matrixofleadership.jpg Generation 1 Optimus Prime accessories
Sonicron 2011 Sonicron-box.jpg Soundwave
Savage and Nightfang 2012 Savageandnightfang-box.jpg Generation 1 Ravage and Ratbat
Tremor and Frequency 2012 Tremorandfrequenct-box.jpg Generation 1 Rumble and Frenzy
Yin and Yang 2012 Yinandyang-box.jpg Recolors of Tremor and Frequency
Nova Lord Unreleased Generation 1 Overlord
Resonator Unreleased Generation 1 Blaster


Dr. Wu

Dream Factory


Name Released Picture Notes
Classic Cliff Conversion Kit 2007 Classiccliffconversionkit-toy.jpg Classic Cliffjumper add-on
ABT OP Upgrade Set 2008 Altopupgradeset-box.jpg Add-on for Alternators Optimus Prime
City Commander 2008 Citycommander-box.jpg Trailer/armor for Classic Ultra Magnus
Aerial Team Appendage Add-On Kit 2009 Aerialteamapendageaddonkit-box.jpg Generation 1 Superion accessories for Energon Superion Maximus
D.I.A. Commander 2009 Diacommander-box.jpg Trailer/Armor for Henkei Convoy
G3 Trailer 2009 G3trailer.jpg Classic Optimus Prime trailer
Powered Commander 2009 Poweredcommander-box.jpg Henkei Convoy trailer/armor
Shadow Commander 2009 Shadowcommander-box.jpg Universe Nemesis Prime trailer/armor
Defender 2010 Warbotdefenderbox.jpg Generation 1 Springer
Explorer 2010 Explorer-box.jpg Generation 1 Blast Off
Munitioner 2010 Munitioner-box.jpg Generation 1 Swindle
Protector 2010 Protector-box.jpg Classic Rodimus trailer/armor
Sidearm 2010 Sidearm-box.jpg Generation 1 Firebolt
Backfiery 2011 Backfiery-box.jpg Generation 1 Kickback
Blesser 2011 Blesser-toy.jpg Sidearm recolor
Flameblast 2011 Flameblast-box.jpg Generation 1 Fireshot
Shadow Scythe 2011 Shadowscythe-box.jpg Recolor of Protector
Stormbomb 2011 Stormbomb-box.jpg Generation 1 Bombshell
Thundershred 2011 Thundershred-box.jpg Generation 1 Shrapnel
Warcry 2011 Warcry-box.jpg Generation 1 Growl
Armored Battalion 2012 Armoredbattalion-box.jpg TFsource holiday exclusive Generation 1 Barrage, Chopshop and Ransack
Assaulter 2012 Warbotassaulterbox.jpg Generation 1 Broadside
Steel Core 2012 Warbotsteelcore.jpg Original character/Energon Ultra Magnus colors
Code 2012 Functionx1box.jpg Generation 1 Chromedome with Stylor
Car Crash 2013 Carcrash-box.jpg Generation 1 Breakdown
Explorer/Munitioner 2013 Explorer-munitioner-box.jpg 2-pack recolors of Explorer and Munitioner
T-Bone 2013 Tbone-box.jpg Generation 1 Wildrider
Car Crash 2013 Carcrash-box.jpg Generation 1 Dead End


Gear 4 Toys




Impossible Toys

Name Released Picture Notes
Female Sidekick 2009 Femalesidekick-box.jpg Animated Sari Sumdac
Alicon 2012 Alicon-box.jpg Generation 1 Allicon
Alpha Traon 2012 Alphatraon-box.jpg Generation 1 Alpha Trion
Arbilus 2012 Arbilus-box.jpg Generation 1 Arblus
Kranax 2012 Kranax-box.jpg Generation 1 Kranix
Banshee Unreleased Banshee-box.jpg Generation 1 Starscream

Junkion Blacksmith



Name Released Picture Notes
Bumblebee King 2011 Bumblebeeking-box.jpg Transforming live action movie Bumblebee from Lego-like bricks

Keith's Fantasy Club


Mastermind Creations

Name Released Picture Notes
Annihilator 2010 Annihilator-mastermindcreationsbox.jpg Black Commander recolor
Commander 2010 Commander-mastermindcreationsbox.jpg Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime
Awakening 2012 Airbornesquadawakening-box.jpg Prototype Hearts of Steel Starscream
Cyclops 2012 Cyclops-mastermindcreations-box.jpg Hearts of Steel Shockwave
Screecher 2012 Airbornesquadscreecher-box.jpg Hearts of Steel Starscream
Stormer 2012 Airbornesquadstormer-box.jpg Hearts of Steel Thundercracker
Warper 2012 Airbornesquadwarper-box.jpg Hearts of Steel Skywarp

MasterShooter Collectibles

Name Released Picture Notes
Brown-King 2011 Brownking-box.jpg Targetmaster Browning
Mega-Gun 2011 Megagun-box.jpg Targetmaster Megatron
Bolt-Action 2013 Boltaction-box.jpg Generation 1 Firebolt
Minute-Bot 2013 Minutebot-box.jpg Generation 1 Haywire

Mech IDeas


Perfect Effect

Planet X



Name Released Picture Notes
Commander Custom Parts 2009 Head and accessories for City Commander
DFT-01 2009 Custom Autobot Drift


TFC Toys

Name Released Picture Notes
Prime Blade 2007 Primeblade-box.jpg 'Movie Optimus Prime sword
Gear of War 2010 Gearofwar.jpg Classic and Universe accessories
Hot Flame vs. Screamer 2010 Hotflamevsscreamer-box.jpg Generaton 1 Hot Rod and Starscream
Dr. Crank 2011 Drcrank-box.jpg Generation 1 Hook
Exgraver 2011 Exgraver-box.jpg Generation 1 Scavenger
Heavy Labor 2011 Heavylabor-box.jpg Generation 1 Long Haul
Optiaim vs. Megashoton 2011 Megashootonvsoptiaim-box.jpg Generation 1 Optimus Prime and Megatron
Structor 2011 Structor-box.jpg Generation 1 Scrapper
Iron Army 2012 Ironarmy-box.jpg Power Core Combiner limbs
Madblender 2012 Madblender-box.jpg Generation 1 Mixmaster
Neckbreaker 2012 Neckbreaker-box.jpg Generation 1 Bonecrusher
Photron 2012 Photron-box.jpg Generation 1 Reflector
Rage of the Hercules 2012 Rageofthehercules-box.jpg Generation 1 Devastator
Ultra vs. Warp 2012 Ultravswarp-box.jpg Targetmasters Ultra Magnus and Skywarp


Name Released Picture Notes
Hegemon 2012 Hegemon-box.jpg Generation 1 Megatron
Grind Rod 2012 Grindrod-box.jpg Generation 1 Rollbar
Aurora 2013 Aurora-box.jpg Generation 1 Searchlight
Hardbone 2013 Hardbobe-box.jpg Generation 1 Hardhead

Transformazing Toys

Unique Toys


Name Released Picture Notes
Wheelie Survivalist 2011 Wheeliesurvivalist.jpg Generation 1 Wheelie



Name Released Picture Notes
Grand Patriot 2011 Grandpatriot-box.jpg GI Joe Optimus Prime crossover
Masterarmor 2013 Trailerforce-box.jpg Trailer/armor for Generation 1/Classic Optimus Prime

Zenith Forge

Other companies and their toys


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