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About WikiAlpha

WikiAlpha is an alternative to Wikipedia, where the main difference is that our deletion policy is far more lenient with regard to notability requirements. Basically, WikiAlpha is a near-indiscriminate collection of information in the form of articles on any topic: you can create an article about the band you just started, your pet dog, yourself, your house - as long as your content does not fall under our speedy deletion policy, it will likely remain on the site forever! For more information on the differences between Wikipedia and WikiAlpha, read the project page WikiAlpha is not Wikipedia.

Save an Article

Has a Wikipedia article you wrote, or contributed to, been flagged for deletion? You can easily save your work by using the Save Article feature on WikiAlpha. If you are interested in improving WikiAlpha, you could browse the articles listed for deletion on Wikipedia here, and save any you think should be preserved.

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