Wrists Tied

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Wrists Tied
Wirsts Tied Offical Poster.jpg
Promotional release poster
Directed by Joseph Jeavons
Produced by Joseph Jeavons
Written by Joseph Jeavons and Owen Swift
Story by Joseph Jeavons
Music by Owen Swift and Cathal Mayfield
Cinematography Sam Teague
Running time
22 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Wrists Tied is a 2023 American crime comedy-drama short film that follows the life of a college graduate as he joins the ranks of a mediocre criminal operation so he can start up his dream business. The short was co-written by Joseph Jeavons and Owen Swift, and directed and produced by Joseph Jeavons. It is the third installment of Jeavons' film career, following The Big Pelvis. It stars Becket Nichols as the lead protagonist, alongside Hank Holbrook, Sam Teague, and Calvin Lewis.


Melvin and his best friend, Doug, are strolling through a park complaining about their financial struggles. Melvin reveals that he is about to break ground on his dream business, The Paint Cinema. A year goes by until the two boys see each other again. It is revealed that Melvin made a miscalculation on the grand opening of his business and the due date for the money he owes for the renovations. The two sit in on a meeting being run by two suspicious characters, Dagwood and Leg Hair Nelson. Doug deciphers that they are wanted criminals and insists that they do not get involved in any of their activities. Melvin agrees but continues to involve himself with the two crooks behind Doug's back.

After their bank heist goes wrong, Melvin and Dagwood retreat back to their headquarters to stow away the stolen cash. Dagwood believes that they were sabotaged and investigates what went wrong during their heist. Once Melvin retrieves some dinner for the two of them, he heads back to their headquarters to find Dagwood holding a masked figure hostage revealed to be Doug. Dagwood explains that Melvin needs the money to start the business he'd worked his entire life for, and in order to do so, he'd have to fix the problem he started. Melvin is given two options: Kill or be killed.


• Becket Nichols as Melvin

Sam Teague as Dagwood

• Hank Holbrook as Doug

• Calvin Lewis as Leg Hair Nelson

• Anna Winslow as Margo (voice)

Joseph Jeavons as Patrick (voice)

• Savannah Wells as Police Officer #1 (voice)

• Howard May as Police Officer # 2 (voice)


• Director: Joseph Jeavons

• Written by: Joseph Jeavons & Owen Swift

• Cinematographer: Sam Teague

• Edited by: Joseph Jeavons & Sam Teague

• Music by: Owen Swift & Cathal Mayfield

• Boom Operators: Cathal Mayfield & Zach Pennington

• Produced by: Joseph Jeavons

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