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The Big Pelvis is a 2023 American comedy short film produced and directed by Joseph Jeavons. This film was written by Jeavons and Owen Swift and was shot in the course of one eight-hour day. The Big Pelvis is also the second short film written by Jeavons and Swift, the first being Parasocial (2022), and serves as Jeavons' second directing, acting, and producing credit.

The film won both the Best Student Film Award at the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2023 and the Best Super Short Film Finalist Award at the Student World Impact Film Festival, partnered with Amazon Prime Video. Jeavons and Swift were featured on the official Film Sessions Podcast[1] where they talked about the making of The Big Pelvis and reminisced about their time working on Parasocial (2022). In November of 2023, an article about The Big Pelvis was published by Bolanle Media[2].

The Big Pelvis
The Big Pelvis infobox.jpg
Promotional release poster
Directed by Joseph Jeavons
Produced by Joseph Jeavons
Screenplay by
Joseph Jeavons and Owen Swift
Music by Owen Swift
Cinematography Owen Swift
Edited by Joseph Jeavons
Running time
11 minutes
Country United States
Language English


Three fishermen arrive one early morning at a local lake in Dallas, Texas in hopes of finally catching The Big Pelvis, a fish that only comes out once a month. The fishermen are composed of Cast Master, the leader of the group, Bait Master (Brad), who is typically in charge of supplying the fishing bait, and Knot Master, the resident knot tier and fishing line expert. Other Brad, the rival fisherman, has arrived at the lake. Cast Master assembles his fellow fishermen into a huddle and suggests that they sabotage Other Brad's chances of catching The Big Pelvis before they do. Cast Master proposes that Knot Master keep an eye on Other Brad and warns him to stay out of the forest.

Now at the Other Dock, Other Brad tells the lake about his recent hardships involving his terminally ill mother. Knot Master can't stomach any more of Other Brad's sad life story, so he abandons his hiding spot to stop Other Brad from continuing on. Upon further conversation, Other Brad begins to sympathize with Knot Master and invites him to stay at the Other Dock with him. Back at the main fishing dock, Cast Master and Bait Master begin to worry about Knot Master's whereabouts. Knot Master eventually returns and brings Other Brad with him.

The three fishermen line up alongside the dock and reel in the legendary fish. After a short moment of high morale, Cast Master asks the fishermen to give him a minute alone with the fish. He explains to the fish that if they cook it, there will be no more Big Pelvis, meaning the tradition that is keeping his friendships alive would die. He then releases the fish back into the lake, the three fishermen pack up their gear, and they walk off the dock in a moment of solidarity.


Joseph Jeavons as Cast Master

Jordan Mook as Bait Master (Brad)

• Howard May as Knot Master

• Beckett Nichols as Other Brad

• Bellavia Giannoni as The Mystical Stone

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