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Unique Toys
Industry Toys
Predecessor CHMS
Founded 2012
Website http://www.weibo.com/uniquetoysclub

Unique Toys is a Chinese toy company started in 2012 specializing in third-party Transformers.

Unique Toys

Unique Toys is a Chinese toy company specializing in third-party Transformer toys established in 2012. It is the successor of CHMS.


Unique Toys was created in 2012 from a company called CHMS, who specialized in copying Hasbro Classic Transformer molds and releasing them in new colors. In December they released their first prototype images of toy inspired by the Generation 1 Predacons.

In 2013 Unique Toys released War Hawk, Ironhead, Savagebull and Violence as part of their War Lord combiner. A booth at New York Comic Con 2013 displayed prototypes of the Sharkies, Maniaking, Soundmixer and an homage to Generation 1 Ramhorn. A three pack of Sharkies was released later that year.


The Retro Robot Radio podcast for September 14th, 2013 covered Unique Toys Metroplex head in the news.[1]

The Cybercast podcast for October 12th, 2013 discussed the Unique Toys Maniaking, Sharkies and their homages to Blaster and Ramhorn in the news.[2]

The Shattered Cast Uncut podcast for January 9th, 2014 discussed the Unique Toys Metroplex head in the news.[3]






  • Unnamed Ramhorn homage



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