Uma Mansharamani

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Uma Mansharamani
Uma Mansharamani
Born 27 June 1962 (1962-06-27) (age 60)
New Delhi, India
Residence Gurugram, Haryana, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship Indian
Occupation Motivational Speaker
Organization Tajurba Business Network
Known for Tajurba Business Network
Home town Gurugram, Haryana, India
Height 160 cm
Weight 48 kg
Religion Hinduism
Spouse Suresh Mansharamani
  • Ram Masand
  • Asha Masand
Awards Most Promising Women Entrepreneur

Uma Mansharamani is a renowned Life transformation and Business coach.[1] She is called Guru Maa. Uma Mansharamani is a Motivational Speaker and a Serial Entrepreneur. In addition, she also works as a trainer. Furthermore, she is a TEDx speaker.[2]

Uma Manmsharamani is a published Author. She is also a 1996 recipient of the "Most Promising Women Entrepreneur" Award. Uma Mansharamani is a prominent face on Mid-Day as a terrific 2022 coach making a difference in people's lives.[3]

Uma Mansharamani is a highly accomplished business doctor. She focuses on mindset and goal setting to assist business owners in their ventures. Uma Mansharamani conducts training sessions on implementation, action points, and success strategies. In addition, she follows the Law of Attraction, manifesting wealth and happiness, and money.

Uma Mansharamani is the co-founder of Tajurba Business Network.[4] She is well-known for providing entrepreneurs and professionals with a training ground for professional and personal growth. In addition, she offers guidance through her Training and Networking platform, Tajurba.[5][6]

Uma Mansharamani is well-known for her work in transformation, meditation-based healing, and mindset shift. Uma Mansharamani has assisted numerous individuals in overcoming emotional trauma and mental baggage. In addition, people have benefitted in overcoming anxiety and resentment with her help.[7]

Early Life

Uma Mansharamani was born in Daryaganj, Delhi, India. She was born as the second of five daughters of a civil servant. Her father's name is the Late Mr. Ram Masand. Her mother is Mrs. Asha Masand. All responsibility, including that of Uma Mansharamani's grandparents, fell entirely on her father.[8]

Uma Mansharamani experienced several difficulties as a child. With a single source of income, her family could barely make ends meet. As a result, her family could only arrange primary resources for her siblings. She has four siblings: Ms. Lily, Ms. Sucheta, Ms. Poonam (late), and Ms. Malti(late).[9]

Uma Mansharamani is married to Dr. Suresh Mansharamani.[10] They have two sons named Rahul Mansharamani and Tarun Mansharamani. Despite facing several challenges in her early life, Uma Mansharamani is currently India's leading Life Transformation (And Business Success) Coach. Uma Mansharamani's journey of experiencing the highest and lowest highs in her life has made her a strong persona.


Uma Mansharamani is an Indian Life Transformation (And Business Success) Coach, fluent in two languages –English and Hindi. In addition, she can understand Punjabi and Sindhi. However, her journey was not a cakewalk.[11] Born in a family of five siblings to a civil servant as the sole breadwinner, Uma Mansharamani had a challenging foundation.

Uma Mansharamani's professional started as an Apparel Exporter in Delhi NCR. The company got listed on the BSE with their Public Issue. It was oversubscribed more than 300 times. However, after losing everything, she built from scratch. After that, Uma Mansharamani started focusing on her own life. Uma Mansharamani joined several courses and training. As a result, she changed her mindset and worked toward self-development.

Uma Mansharamani underwent training under Mr. Ujjwal Uke, Ms. Ramon Lamba, Puja Puneet, and Renowned Blair Singer. Thus, Uma Mansharamani became a Certified Coach & Trainer. Uma Mansharamani took workshops and classes with Dr. Vijay Luxmi Pundit, T. Harv Eker, and many other renowned trainers. The training helped her to refresh and update her knowledge.

After this, Uma Mansharamani established herself as a business and life coach. She has helped various people overcome mental trauma, emotional baggage, resentment, and anxiety. Uma Mansharamani has also prevented companies from failing. She has also helped lives from being lost. Uma Mansharamani has helped individuals grow in love, live purposefully, and achieve incredible success.

In 2017, Uma Mansharamani co-founded the Tajurba Business Network. It is a community commerce platform for MSMEs with a vision to connect 10 million MSMEs in India with the Tajurba Platform. Tajurba offers Management Consulting, Corporate Training, Business Consulting, Life Coaching, Team Building, Executive Coaching, Negotiation Skills, Leadership, and Community Commerce. Tajurba App enables these. Uma Manshramani's success trail continues to inspire millions of the country's population.


Uma Mansharamani did her schooling at Andhra Edu. Society, Hr. Sec. School, New Delhi. Then, she pursued her BSC. Hons. Zoology from Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa College, Delhi University.


Uma Mansharamani's career began as an Apparel Exporter. However, she quickly ascended the ranks to become one of Delhi NCR's top exporters. Uma Mansharamani's company, having listed on the BSE, was oversubscribed more than 300 times. Unfortunately, her two big clients deceived her. As a result, they pulled down her empire. As a result, Uma Mansharamani faced heavy losses.

Uma Mansharamani didn't lose hope. Instead, she focused on her own life and mindset. She entered many courses and training programs. Uma Mansharamani finally discovered her true calling: to empower and enrich. She worked with business owners to help them increase revenue and profits. Uma Mansharamani assisted in scaling up many businesses and laying a solid foundation. Furthermore, she served to add value to their personal lives, allowing them to live prosperous lives.

Uma Mansharamani co-founded the Tajurba Business Network in 2017, in addition to learning Life Coaching, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Manifestation, Training the Trainer, and Public Speaking from well-known trainers. She also learned exciting and fun skills like soap making and cosmetic manufacturing.[12]


In 1996, Uma Mansharamnai was named the 'Most Promising Women Entrepreneur' of the Year. Mid-Day featured her as a fantastic 2022 coach who transforms lives. Uma Mansharamani is a Life and Business Coach. She is a trainer who inspires, guides, and coaches others.

Uma Mansharamani is a guru to many business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs. In addition, she provides business growth lessons to medium and small business owners. Uma Mansharamani instills in her employees a positive and goal-oriented mindset. In addition, she guides a results-oriented approach to business.

Physical Appearance

Uma Mansharamani is 5 feet 3 inches. She weighs approximately around 48 kg. Her hair is brown. She carries a humble personality.

Published Work and Training

Uma Mansharamani's book offers advice on how small businesses can recover from setbacks and rebuild their lives. The title of the book is Business & Life Success for Entrepreneurs.[13][14]

Uma Mansharamani has delivered various sessions to help people and businesses thrive. She has provided sessions on:

  • How to Establish Your Export Business and Grow it Exponentially at IICA, MSME CAMPUS, Manesar, in Dec. 2015.
  • A Session on How to build an impeccable Business Plan at LPU in Jan 2018.[15]
  • A Talk on Resilience at Gitam University Hyderabad.
  • A Talk on Entrepreneurship for women at ABESA.
  • A Talk on Resilience also at the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi.
  • A TEDx Talk on 'How to identify forthcoming recession.'The talk included preparing small businesses to survive and thrive in a recession.

Uma Mansharamani has also given lectures on achieving personal breakthroughs in life. She trained by removing the mental blocks. Thus she assists people in succeeding and raising success rates.[16]


Uma Mansharamani was born in Daryaganj, Delhi. Uma Mansharamani had a difficult upbringing. Yet, she built a lucrative career. She is one of the most successful and skilled Life Transformation Coaches. She is also a renowned Business Coach. Uma Mansharamani is also one of the most inspiring Motivational speakers. She is a successful businesswoman.

Uma Mansharamani is also an experienced TEDx speaker. In addition, she is also a reputable trainer and published author. With a 300-fold over-subscription, Uma Mansharamani led one of the most successful initial public offerings (IPOs) in 1995.

Uma Mansharamani has 25 years of practical experience working in the manufacturing and exporting industries on a global scale. She also owns an IPO. The IPO was oversubscribed and listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1995. Uma Mansharamani is an alumnus of DU (DELHI UNIVERSITY) in science. She specialized in Zoology at Delhi University.

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