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Suresh Mansharamani
Suresh Mansharamani
Born 22 January 1958 (1958-01-22) (age 65)
Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India
Residence Gurugram, Haryana, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship Indian
Education Doctor of Business Administration
Alma mater California State University
Occupation Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Organization Tajurba[1]
Known for Tajurba Business Network
Home town Gurugram, Haryana, India
Height 173 cm
Weight 95 kg
Religion Hinduism
Spouse Uma Mansharamani
  • Laju Mansharamani
  • Mohan Lal Mansharamani
Relatives Ramesh Mansharamani (brother)
Awards Presidential Award

Suresh Mansharamani is a renowned motivational speaker, Mentor, business coach-OKR coach, successful entrepreneur, and investor.[2] An author of 7 books, Suresh Mansharamani, is also a best-selling author.[3] He is honored with the Presidential Award and the 2021 Best Sales Coach of India.[4][5]

Suresh Mansharamani has a massive pool of public relations and networking skills.[6] In addition, he is a serial entrepreneur. Suresh Mansharamani is an ambitious personality. He produces unique corporate concepts effectively to launch new undertakings. He is highly creative and inventive.[7]

Suresh Mansharamani is India's only OKR (OBJECTIVE KEY RESULTS) coach. His framework is OKR - Objective Key Results.[8][9]

Early Life

Suresh Manasharamani was born into a Sindhi family on 22 January 1958 (age 64, as of 2022). His mother's name is Late Smt. Laju Mansharamani, and father, Late Mohan Lal Mansharamani. Mr. Mansharamani was born in a refugee camp in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India.[10]

Suresh Manshramani has one brother and two sisters. They are Ramesh Mansharamani and Veena Ballani, and Beena Jotwani.

Suresh Mansharamani's early life was full of ups and downs. But today, he is widely known as the best motivational speaker in the country.[11] From no one to a reputed Business Coach, his journey is inspirational.


Suresh Mansharamani is an Indian National businessman. He is efficient in three languages -English, Hindi, and Sindhi. However, his journey was challenging. He was born in a refugee camp to a very humble background. Therefore, Suresh Mansharamani had a very challenging life journey.

Suresh Mansharamani's career began with a simple job with just Rs 300 salary. He had to fight a difficult battle to turn this Rs 300 into a 300-times-oversubscribed IPO in 1995.[12] As a result, his company got listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. He also won a Presidential Award. However, he was highly ambitious. His determination and hard work helped him to become a self-made multimillionaire at 38.[13]

Suresh Mansharamani faced the biggest disaster in 2006 when he launched the online DVD rental service Although it started tremendously and gained media attention, it was a terrible failure. He lost millions of rupees in the process.

Suresh Mansharamani was not disheartened. He considered it a minor setback. On the contrary, he motivated himself with a 'never to quit attitude. He still carries the same courage and inspires his fellow professionals.[14]

After that, he set up the Tajurba Business Network in 2017, intending to connect 10 million MSMEs in India with the Tajurba Platform.[15][16] This platform provides -Management Consulting, Corporate Training, Business Consulting, Life Coaching, Team Building, Executive Coaching, and Negotiation Leadership. So today, his success story inspires millions of the country's population.[17]


Suresh Mansharamani was a student of Government Boys Higher Secondary School. Then, he did his B. Com from the Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, University of Delhi. Finally, he went to California State University, San Bernardino - College of Business and Public Administration for a Doctor of Business Administration and Management.


Suresh Mansharamani studied Commerce. He started with a bare minimum of 300 rupees as a salary. In 1995, his 300 times oversubscribed IPO led to his company being listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Suresh Mansharamani was then honored with a Presidential Award.

Suresh Mansharamani started his business with no mentor or capital. He could not speak or write in English back then. However, he became a self-made multimillionaire by the age of 38. He had massive failures in 2006 (DVD rentals). He had lost crores. Yet, he constantly worked without breaks.

In 2017, he founded Tajurba Business Network with the vision of connecting 10 million MSMEs nationwide. He guides individuals and businesses to reach their ambitious, bold Goals (BHAGS) in 90 days. Suresh Mansharamani is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Business Coach, and OKR Coach. He has also authored seven books.


Suresh Mansharamnai is a Presidential Awardee. He has received a Certificate of Merit from the (Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India). Mr. Mansharamani also received the Best Sales Coach of The Year 2021 Award.[18] He derived TTT certification from the globally acclaimed Blair Singer- Train The Trainer (Success Resources).[19]

Suresh Mansharamani is also a certified Life Coach from (THE ACADEMY OF MODERN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY). He empowers people to meet their goals and market expectations. In addition, he is certified as a GALLUP STRENGTHS COACH(Gallup). He has experience of more than 43 years of guiding generations to succeed.

Suresh Mansharamani is an OKR Coach Certification. He has an eye for seeing between the lines. Big corporations majorly use Mr. Mansharamani's strategies to scale up profits. He trains his pupils in a very motivational and intelligent way.

Published Work

Suresh Mansharamani is the author of 8 books.[20] His books are widely popular and best sellers in the market.[21]

Suresh Mansharamani's books are about real-life experiences. They are helpful when applied to practice. The titles of his books are:

  • On the stage: master the art of public speaking
  • Lose 20+ kgs and reverse your diabetes in 90 days
  • Closing your sales: your ultimate specific, measurable results: objective key results
  • Specific, measurable results: objective key results
  • Superpower networker: a blueprint for the business networking kindle edition
  • Don't think & Grow
  • The idea for a billion-dollar business & IPO


  • Suresh Mansharamani was born in a refugee camp.
  • At the beginning of his career, he could neither speak nor write English. However, today, he has an excellent command of the language. He is the author of 8 books.
  • Oversubscribed IPO in 1995 listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.
  • He is a self-made multimillionaire at the age of 38.
  • Suresh Mansharamani was a student at University of Delhi in Commerce. He began the second innings of his career at 60.

Physical Appearance

Suresh Mansharamani is 5 feet 8 inches, and their weight is approximately 95 kilograms. He has black eyes and gray hair. He has a composed personality.

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