Stella Moris

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Stella Moris
Born 1983 (age 37–38)[1]
South Africa[1]
Occupation lawyer
Known for fiance of Julian Assange

Stella Moris is a lawyer specializing in International Law.[1]

Early life

BBC News, and other sources, report Moris was born in south Africa.[2][3] The Washington Post reports she is Swedish.[4][5]

Relationship with Julian Assange

Moris was already well-known as a human rights lawyer, when she joined the team defending WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in 2011.[1][5] She and Assange developed a personal relationship, in 2015.[6] He fathered her two children, while he was taking refuge in the Ecudorian embassy, in London.

Her identity as Assange's fiancee became known in April 2020.[1] Moris filed a lawsuit against Spanish security firm Undercover Global (UC Global), the firm Ecuador hired to provide security at the Embassy.[7][8] Unknown to Ecuador UC Global had accepted a contract to keep Moris under surviellance, and had even tailed her, her son, and her mother, when she visited Spain.

According to The Mirror Moris says Assange proposed to her in 2017.[9]

In August 2021, US law enforcement authorities appealed the dismissal of its extradition of Assange, claiming that Moris's relationship with Assange should have been revealed.

In comments published in The Guardian, in October 2021, Moris described how Assange and his defence team confirmed that UC Global had been subverted by the CIA, and was spying on them.[10] She told them that, in addition to planting covert microphones to monitor Assange, giving the CIA access to a feed to the legitimately installed surviellance cameras, it had even made plans to steal one of her son's soiled diapers, to subject to DNA analysis to confirm the father was Assange.[11]

On November 7, 2021, Moris announced UK authorities were blocking marriage between her and Assange.[12] Moris said UK Justice Secretary Dominic Raab finally agreed to allow the marriage she had to threaten to sue.[5][2][13][14][15][16][17][12]

In an article about Pamela Anderson's love life E! online noted that Anderson had visited Assange, at the Ecuadorian embassy, and this visit had fueled speculation that Anderson and Assange had had a liason.[18] In answer to questions about this speculation Moris replied: "I'd rather have them reporting about Pamela visiting than stories about me being pregnant. And it allowed Pamela to go on TV and she is very articulate."


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