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WikiLeaks is a whistleblower organization, that established a mechanism for insiders to anonymously provide documents they think contain secrets that should be made public.[1][2]

The organization has republished secret document provided by insiders from a number of organization, but the most well-known releases are from the United States government. In 2009 WikiLeaks published gun-video from US helicopter gunships in Iraq that recorded the killing of civilians, including children, and two accredited journalists, together with the dialogue of the pilot, gunner and ground controller.

WikiLeaks published a series of diplomatic cables and other documents from the War in Iraq and Afghanistan that triggered criticism that the documents contained names of confidential informants, that put their lives at risk

In April 2011 when WikiLeaks released 750 secret assessments from Joint Task Force Guantanamo they first arranged to have various respected News organizations have early access, and make decisions as to what information should be redacted.


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