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Transformers character
TransTech Starscream
First appearance

Transcendent: Part 4 by Fun Publications
Created by

Species Transformer

Flight, shapeshifting, superhuman durability, superhuman strength

Alternate mode

Cybertronian jet

"It would be best to simply tell the truth. I assure you, my agents are quite skilled at detecting falsehoods."


Starscream is a fictional character in the Transformers series. He is a high ranking Decepticon in the TransTech story.


Starscream works in civil intelligence on TransTech Cybertron.[1]

The TransTech concept was a line intended to take Transformers to their most futuristic, and although Toronto-based design studio Draxhall Jump created several designs, the idea was eventually aborted in favor of Transformers: Armada (with Transformers: Robots in Disguise serving as a filler line between years). Several figures made it to the prototype stage before the project was canceled, including Starscream.

Fictional biography

To describe Starscream as ambitious is to make an understatement of phenomenal proportions. He has spent his entire life angling for more authority. Under his directorship, bureaucracy is a fine art of conflicting interests and obfuscating guidelines. He is an expert at appointing toadies and others just as ambitious and amoral as he is to positions from which they can do his career the greatest good, or the least harm. It is only his focus on the advancement of his career that keeps him from true greatness as an intelligence agent. He is highly intelligent, keenly insightful, and – when he needs to be – deeply subtle. Many of the most important intelligence coups in recent history, from the Liege Maximo incident to the exposure of endemic corruption under the regime of Sentinel Prime (from which scandal Starscream and his agency escaped curiously unscathed), have been due to his directorship, or to hard intelligence gathered by him, personally. Unfortunately, his ambition has caused him to overreach on occasion, resulting in some embarrassing, and highly public, intelligence blunders. Starscream has packed his body with experimental weaponry and sensors. He focuses mostly on defensive weapons designed to disable his opponents, including a null-field that can temporarily deactivate nearby attackers that have not been specially combat-hardened. He also has highly sensitive voicestress and spark-pattern analyzers that can detect lies and predict behavior with a high degree of accuracy. Arrogant ambition served him well as a low-level analyst and agent, but as he has advanced, his attitude has alienated him from his peers. He devotes too little of his time to direct interaction with his agents, which can lead to tragic mistakes. His jealous rivalry with Prowl is dangerously close to open hatred.

Fun Publications

Starscream appeared in the Fun Publications story "Transcendent", where he reported his findings on Skyfall and Landquake to Optimus Prime.

Prowl and Starscream had a biographies printed by Fun Publications.[2]


Although a prototype toy for this character was produced, it was never released to the general public.[3]


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