Slaughter Steelgrave

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Slaughter Steelgrave
Starriors character
Slaughter Steelgrave toy on card
First appearance

Starriors Volume 1 #1, November 1984
Created by

Species Wastor Starrior
Gender Male




"Slice them into metal shaving! Smash their control circuits! Destroy them utterly!"
Alternate mode

Hi-Crusin Position, Lo-Crusin Position

Slaughter Steelgrave is a fictional character from the Starriors series in 1984. He is the leader of the Destructors and has a vibro-chisel in his chest.


Slaughter Steelgrave is a Destructor Wastor equipped with a vibro-chisel. Destructors are originally programmed to destroy invading aliens. Wastors are a humanoid series of Starrior, roughly the same height as an adult human, though somewhat bulkier.

Note: The Starriors series is considered a parallel universe in the Transformers series. In the Transformers universe there is a Predacon named Steelgrave, but he is seemingly unrelated to the Starrior.


Fictional biography

Slaughter Steelgrave: Vibro-chisel wielding Wastor, leader of the Destructors.


Marvel Comics

Note: The events of the six Starriors pack-in comics seem to take place between issue 1 and 2 of the limited series.

Slaughter Steelgrave was a major character in the Starriors limited series by Marvel Comics.


  • Tomy Starriors Wastor Slaughter Steelgrave (1984)
Slaughter Steelgrave is made up of 6 parts that assemble into different configurations. The arms and legs are attached to the body with 5mm pegs and holes, while the head it attached to the body with a 3mm peg and hole.
This toy is a recolor of Robot Anti Transformation Squad Darksider G-3.
This toy shares most of it's mold with Starriors Hotshot and Robot Anti Terror Squad Squad Reinforcement Personnel 2.


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