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Starriors character
Tomy Hotshot toy on card
First appearance

Starriors volume 1 number 1, November 1984 by Marvel Comics
Created by

Release number

Aliases Super Laser
Species Starrior



Wastor duo-laser

"I know construction isn't a glamorous job, but we've just got to do it."

Hotshot (Super Laser in Mexico) is a fictional character from the Starriors series in 1984. He is the leader of the Protectors and has a duo-laser in his chest.


Hotshot is a Protector Wastor equipped with a duo-laser in his chest. His right hand is a claw and his left hand is a double laser. He can be reassembled into Hi-Crusin Position and Lo-Crusin Position.

Protectors are programmed to rebuild civilization so that structures, facilities, and ecologies would be established and ready for use upon man's return. Wastors are a humanoid series of Starrior, roughly the same height as an adult human, though somewhat bulkier.

Hotshot is depicted riding Windstorm on the Vultor's box art.

Note: The Starriors series is considered a parallel universe in the Transformers series. In the Transformers universe several Autobots named Hot Shot, but they are seemingly unrelated to the Starrior.


Hotshot was released by Tomy in 1984.

In 2018 Mechazone released Star Sniper, who was a homage to Hotshot, as a DesignerCon exclusive. Limited to 10 pieces.[1]

In January 2019 Mathew Robert Ignash released Hotblox, a Robolinks kit inspired by Hotshot.


Fictional biography

Hotshot: Laser-wielding Wastor, leader of the Protectors' quest for man.


Peter Pan

Hotshot appeared in Starriors Tunnel of Doom Odyssey I by published by Peter Pan. He lead the Protectors during the construction of a tunnel under the orders of Slaughter Steelgrave. Hotshot and the others questioned Destructors motivation, and added an escape route to the tunnel. When Slaughter ordered Deadeye to seal the Protectors in the grave they had dug themselves, Hotshot lead his Protector to safety as they started their quest for man in the Forbidden Zone.


1984 Marvel Comics

Limited series
Sawtooth refuses to go with Crank and Hotshot in Starriors volume 1 issue 2 by Marvel Comics

Hotshot was a major character in the Starriors limited series by Marvel Comics.

In the final battle, Cricket is killed by Auntie Tank, causing Deadeye to go berserk with grief. He fires wildly, killing friend and foe alike, and is only stopped when Hotshot activates the Battlestation's Laser Ram. With a blast of its powerful twin lasers, Deadeye is silenced forever.

Pack-in comic

Hotshot appears as a central figure on the cover of issue 2, "The Forest".

Hot Shot, Nipper, Runabout and Speed Trap are featured on the cover of pack-in comics issue 4, called "The Trap!".


  • Tomy Starriors Wastors Hotshot (1984)
Hotshot is made up of 6 parts that assemble into different configurations. The arms and legs are attached to the body with 5mm pegs and holes, while the head is attached to the body with a 3mm peg and hole. He has a 5mm peg on the top of each shoulder. He has a 3mm peg on the outside of each arm, each foot and two on his back.
This toy came with a one of the first four Starriors pack-in comics.
This toy shares most of it's mold with Slaughter Steelgrave.
  • Tomy Starriors Wastors Super Laser (1984)
A release of Hotshot in Mexico in new packaging.


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