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Spike Witwicky is a fictional character from the Transformers series, usually depicted as one of the Autobots' primary human allies. In the Tranformers film series he is known instead as Sam Witwicky.

Generation 1

Spike Witwicky
Transformers character
Generation 1 Fortress Maximus box
Created by

Voiced by

Show Hayami (Japanese)
Species Human


Alternate mode

Head of Cerebros

Cerebros, Fortress Maximus

Transformers: Generation 1


Animated series

Spike and his father Sparkplug Witwicky befriended the Autobots after the transforming robots saved them from the oil platform they were working on after it was attacked by the Decepticons in The Transformers.

Spike would also feature in The Transformers: The Movie, where he was married with a son named Daniel and working with the Autobots on their efforts to reclaim Cybertron. He and Bumblebee were consumed by Unicron, but saved-along with Jazz and Cliffjumper-when Daniel found them after entering Unicron with a party of robots that included soon-to-be Autobot leader Rodimus Prime. Spike also appeared in The Transformers season three, where it was revealed that he had married his girlfriend Carly from previous seasons, and continued to fight alongside the Autobots. In the finale of the American series, he was among the Autobots, Decepticons, and humans accidentally sent to Nebulos, where he worked with Nebulan resistance fighters to create the Headmaster technology. Spike would subsequently implement the process on himself and Cerebros in order to create Fortress Maximus, a gigantic Transformer that proved key to the defeat and exile of the Decepticons.

Transformers: The Headmasters took a different turn with Spike, in which he and his family took up residence on the planet Athenia and became involved in ongoing energy research following the Hate Plague, rather than becoming a Headmaster. At one point Spike also endeavored to forge a peaceful alliance with the Decepticons, fearing the consequences of continued war, but was soon forced to confront the reality of the Decepticons' untrustworthiness.


Spike was featured in the 1985 Find Your Fate Junior book called Battle Drive by Barbara Siegel and Scott Siegel.[1] Spike was also featured in the 1985 Transformers audio book Autobots' Lightning Strike. In this book, he was said to be an engineering student. He also featured in Megatron's Fight For Power, Autobots Fight Back, Laserbeak's Fury, Galvatron's Air Attack and Decepticon Hideout.[2]


Dreamwave Productions

In the 21st-century re-imagining of the G1 universe by Dreamwave Productions, Spike was given a fragment of the Matrix by Optimus Prime when the Autobots departed Earth in 1999, having finally captured the Decepticons and intending to return them to Cybertron. They did not get that far, as an explosion tore their craft, the Ark II, apart shortly after it left Earth's atmosphere, leaving the Transformers, and the small human crew - including Spike's father - believed dead.

However, in 2002, Spike - now married to Carly and fathering Daniel - found that this was not the case when he was approached by General Hallo of the American military. A terrorist, Adam Rook, had recovered several of the inactive (but functional) Transformers and brought them under his control, intending to sell them on the black market as weapons of mass destruction; in order to stop him, the military had recovered a Transformer of their own. That Transformer was Optimus Prime, whom Spike was able to reactivate by replacing the Matrix fragment. Unfortunately, Spike soon discovered that Hallo was part of an even more insane scheme, having originally worked with Rook in developing the Transformer-controlling program, and being double-crossed by him. Confronting Hallo just as he launched a nuclear missile at San Francisco, Spike took his life in his hands and nearly met his end, until Hallo was gunned down by military agents.

In the Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye character profile series, it is shown Dreamwave intended to eventually have Spike become a Headmaster partner for Fortress Maximus. However, unlike other similar entries in the MTMTE series, no information was given about Spike at all leaving many readers with more questions than answers. But with Dreamwave shutting down, this storyline may never come to be.

Fun Publications

Spike appeared in Another Light where he was among the mixed Autobot and Decepticon team stationed at the Ironworks base on Classicverse Earth. The Shattered Glass Primus attacked the Earth, Gaia teleported the humans and human looking Pretenders away.[3]

In Of Masters and Mayhem, now living on a parallel Earth, the Autobot Pretenders took to disguising themselves in completely human forms and living among the humand. Spike Witwicky, Elizabeth, Crossblades and Vroom moved to the Yucatan as they investigated a radio burst that had been detected in the area. They were visited by Metalhawk.[4]

Spike Witwicky was featured in the 2016 Ask Vector Prime story Echoes and Fragments, set during the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The manipulations of the evil Gong and Sideways resulted in various GoBots swapping places with characters during the events of that film.[5]

IDW Publishing

Spike Witwicky is the son of four-star general "Sparkplug" Witwicky. From a young age, he wanted to be a soldier just like his idolised dad. Sparkplug often took him on long camping trips in the woods, and this outdoors lifestyle caused Spike to develop a dislike for relying on machines.

He met his friend Joe Henderson at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. By this point, Spike had let his family ties go to his head and was insufferably arrogant and obnoxious. Worse, he started to act like he was in an action movie, treating everyone else as the supporting character and doing "cool" stuff like rule-breaking, acting reckless, and taking personal vendettas, which is less "cool" and more "dangerous and illegal" in real life. But since he was both protected by his daddy and also genuinely smart and competent as a soldier, he was able to get away with this. He graduated second in his class and went to work in special forces, where he continued to act like he was in a story.

In the wake of the Decepticons' devastating attack on Earth, Commander Spike Witwicky met his dad inside a secret bunker where the remnants of the United States military had gathered to mount a desperate counteroffensive. Regrettably, Sparkplug had selected Spike for a mission to assassinate the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, even though he feared his son would not make it back. It was a suicide mission, but Spike was the most qualified. Spike accepted, despite the consequences, but ignored his father's pleas for him to call his worried mother first.

Marvel Comics

The role played by the young Spike in the animated series was filled in the Marvel comic book series by his younger brother, Buster, exclusive to that continuity. Indeed, Buster was fully intended to exist in place of Spike for the comic book series, until the release of the Fortress Maximus toy in 1987, which included Spike as a Headmaster partner, hence necessitating the hurried introduction of Spike into the comic book continuity.

Returning home from college to discover that his father's garage had been destroyed, Spike investigated the Autobots' deserted base at Mount Saint Hillary, learning that Buster had been captured by the Earth-based Decepticons. While there, he encountered a group of new Autobots, led by Fortress Maximus, who had just arrived from the planet Nebulos, and in a subsequent attack by Scorponok's group of Decepticons, Fortress Maximus' Nebulon partner, Galen Kord, was killed in a rockfall. Before dying, he gave his control helmet to Spike, allowing the boy to control Fortress Maximus in battle and force the Decepticons to retreat. In the aftermath of the battle, Spike accepted the Autobots' offer to be fully binary-bonded to Fortress Maximus as his new Headmaster partner in order to save Buster from the Decepticons.

As Fortress Maximus, Spike led the attack on the Decepticons' island base, defeating Shockwave in an outer space battle, but failing to rescue Buster, and turning to the other Earth-based Autobots for help. Acting commander Grimlock refused, disgusted at the thought of a human leading the Autobots, but relented when he saw the rationality of the act during a massive Decepticon attack on the Autobot forces. With the deceased Optimus Prime subsequently restored to life as a Powermaster, Spike rescued Buster from the Decepticons amidst the chaos caused by Starscream's attempt to gain the power of the Underbase.

Following that clash, Spike, having accomplished what he set out to do, attempted to abandon his Autobot life, and return to living a normal human lifestyle. Unfortunately, his connection with Fortress Maximus proved to be far deeper than anyone knew when he was attacked by the Decepticon Pretender Beasts, Snarler and Carnivac, and discovered that Maximus' mind actually continued to exist within his own. Despite recombining with Maximus to defeat the Decepticons, Spike again returned Maximus' body and his exo-suit to the Autobots, and succeeded for a short time in living a normal life, until he found himself drawn to the crash of the Ark in Canada in 1991. Merging with Fortress Maximus again, he defeated the maddened Galvatron, and some time thereafter, gave up his life to stop the plans of Megatron by sacrificing himself to destroy the Ark.

The post-movie Spike appears in the story "Time Wars", persuading Rodimus Prime to delay his journey back in time long enough to halt an attack on a human settlement by the Terrorcons. (Due to the temporal disruption later in this story, it is possible this future was later erased from the timeline.)

Spike is also present in the alternate 2009 seen in "Rhythms of Darkness", working with the handful of surviving Autobots led by Prowl. He was accompanied by an apparently African-American woman named Lisa, with whom he shared a mutual but unrequited attraction. Spike participated in what everyone involved expected to be a suicide attack on the Decepticon fortress city, attaching the US flag to its summit to demonstrate to the rest of the world, who were about to launch a nuclear strike on the area, that the American population was still fighting. After Galvatron was forcibly removed from that timeline, he presumably went on to rejoin the Autobots in their battle against the remaining Decepticons.


  • Generation 1 Fortress Maximus with Cerebros and Spike (1987)
  • Masterpiece MP-21 Bumble (2014)
A new mold. Comes with a Spike Witwicky figure.

Film series


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