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Headrobots character
Stronghold box
First appearance

"Changes in War" by TFcon
Created by

Species Transformer
Relatives Garrison (brother)


Autobot, Seibertron Warrior
Alternate mode

Robotic head

Planet Master Leader

"Prepare for war, but strive for peace."
Tech specs

ST08 IN09 SP02 EN02

RN03 CO10 SK06

Stronghold is a fictional character made by third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Fortress Maximus by Headrobots in 2011. He was a TFcon 2011 exclusive.


In 2011 Headrobots created Stronghold as a TFcon exclusive. Stronghold is a homage to Spike, the Headmaster partner Generation 1 Fortress Maximus, or more specifically the Japanese fiction counterpart of Spike, named Fortress.

According to his tech specs Stronghold is very strong, smart and has near limitless courage. He has very low speed and endurance.

This Stronghold has no connection to the Mini-Con of the same name who appeared in the 2004 Transformers video game for the Playstation 2.

Other third-party Transformer homages to Fortress Maximus include Perfect Effect's Warden.


The biography for Stronghold was written by Daniel "Protoman" Arseneault.

Stronghold was first announced in May 2011.[1]

The TFcon 2011 Media Contest included among its prizes having a Stronghold and Toxin reserved for purchase.[2]

Art from the TFcon 2011 comic with Powered Commander, Stronghold, Toxin in it was posted online in August 2011.[3]

Stronghold was released at TFcon 2011.


The [email protected] podcast for July 7th, 2011 choose the announcement of Stronghold as one of it's show topics.[4]

Stronghold was featured on the cover of TFWe issue #4.[5]

Fictional biography

Profile: When a lost band of Transformers landed on what would be called Planet Master, one lone Autobot rose among the rest to lead his people during a dark time for any Cybertronian. Stronghold was the first of many in a new breed of Transformers, the Headmasters. Reverse engineered by the crashed remains from a time traveling space ship found on Planet Master, this Headmaster revolution along with it's Transtector technology gave Stronghold the push he needed to keep order on this wild and dangerous planet.

During their days together back on the planet Cybertron, the Autobot Kup warned Stronghold of a warrior who had a terrible dark side, but kept it hidden well. That warrior was Scorponok better known by his troops as Lord Zarak. Zarak rose to power and quickly gained more followers, causing the Planet Master population to split in half - some following Zarak, the others following Stronghold.

Luckily for Stronghold, as well as the peace of the planet, Zarak was apprehended along with his best men Skull, Wipe, Wolf and Toxin. Primus help us all if Zarak would get free and continue his rebellion.

Abilities: In both assault truck mode as well as robot mode, Stronghold is a wall of power. Armed with 2 blasters (which he affectionately nicknamed Gasket and Grommet) as well as his shoulder mounted cannon, this leader brings plenty of power to the battlefield. His only weapon which is still off the radar on information is the mysterious Master Sword which he keeps sheathed and close to himself at all times.

Weaknesses: Stronghold sometimes feels the burden of leading a race of Transformers so far from their homeworld (which he longs to return too). He fears one day his decisions, if not carefully planned out, will cost the lives of the innocent he has worked so hard to protect. Other than that, Stronghold has no known weaknesses.


Headrobots comics

In Undercover!! The Great Drone Counteroffensive Courageous steals a mysterious disc from the evil Headrobots. He uses its powerful algorithm to create Drone from the source codes of himself, Stronghold, Centurion and Hothead.[6]

TFcon comics

Stronghold appeared in the comic released for the 2011 TFcon, called "Changes in War". This story is set on the planet Master before the events of Transformers: The Headmasters. Stronghold is among the Autobots who try and fail to stop Zarak and his allies from escaping.[7]

According to the biography for Shafter, Stronghold called on Shafter to completely redesign all fortifications after the breakout of Toxin and his companions.

Stronghold is a character in the TFcon 2012 comic "Hardworker". In this story a group on Seibertron warriors are displaced to Earth during the Masterforce Wars. They are discovered by Garrison and Shafter.[8]


  • Headrobots Stronghold (2011)
A recolor of Hothead made to look like the Generation 1 Spike toy. Turns from robot to head. This toy was intended as an add-on for Universe Onslaught, but works on any toy with the same mold, as well as on the Generation 1 Headmaster toys. Includes three guns, a connector for the guns, and an adapter to place the head on Generation 1 Headmaster bodies. Includes a set of stickers which are used to customize Onslaught. A TFcon 2011 exclusive limited to 700 pieces.[9]
The package art for Stronghold was done by Alex Milne.
Leftover Stronghold sets were sold to attendies of TFcon 2012.
  • Shapeways Cypherplex G2P-003: Stronghold Sword (2011)
A Master Sword designed for Stronghold.[10]
  • Shapeways Sunlink Stronghold Upgrade Kit (2011)
A set of cannons and Master Sword meant to further customize the Stronghold figure.[11]
  • Shapeways Sunlink Stronghold Shoulder Cannon x2
A set of custom cannons to mount on the shoulders of Stronghold, inspired by cannons on Fortress Maximus.[12]



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