Patricia Gucci

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Patricia Gucci
Born Italy
Nationality Italian-American
Occupation Fashion executive
Known for heir to the Gucci fashion empire

Patricia Gucci is a fashion executive.[1] She was the daughter of Aldo Gucci the patriarch of the Gucci fashion empire and Bruna Palombo.[1] Her father met her mother, who worked in one of his stores, while he was still married to the mother of his three sons. He began an adulterous relationship with her mother when adultery was illegal, and he did not acknowledge her as his child, when she was young.

Aldo put Patricia on Gucci's Board of directors, when she was nineteen years old.[1] He married her mother when Patricia was twenty-four.

In 2016 Patricia published a memoir.[2] In it she wrote she did not learn her father had another family, another wife, when she was ten years old. Her elder half-brother broke away from the family firm, and tried to set up a rival company. In his last years his sons squeezed control of Gucci away from Aldo, and he, in turn, made Patricia his sole heir.

Palombo married, twice.[1] She had two daughter during her first marriage. She divorced her second husband Joseph Ruffalo in 2007, because he had been sexually abusing her daughter Alexandra Zarini.


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