Alexandra Zarini

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Alexandra Zarini
Born 1986 (age 33–34)
Nationality USA
Known for Heir to the Gucci fashion empire

Alexandra Zarini is a heir to the Gucci fashion empire.

In September of 2020 she came forward and described close to two decades of sexual abuse from her step-father, Joseph Ruffalo. She said that Ruffalo started visiting her bed when she was just 6 years old, and that the abuse continued until she was 22.

Her mother, Patricia Gucci, denied all knowledge of the abuse, prior to Alexandra first informing her of it, when she was 22, and said she promptly started divorce proceedings. Alexandra, on the other hand, claims her mother and grandmother, Bruna Palombo, were aware of the abuse, and enabled the abuse.

She said that Ruffalo encouraged her to use hard drugs, and blamed addictions to cocaine and crystal meth to his influence.