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Ofacts is an online resource for animal lovers. It focuses on information, facts, and everything about animals, from pets to wild animals.

Ofacts about animals
Animal Facts and News
Years active 2022 - now


Ofacts was created by Mia Ta, who has a special interest in the natural world, especially animals. She is also the creator of Tapilu, a website specializing in pet care. Mia Ta has 7 years of experience in content creation, 4 of which are devoted to researching and learning about animals. The website was launched in 2022. Its name means odd facts about the mysterious animal world.


Ofacts mainly focuses on animal information in the form of facts. Content will be divided according to the classification of animals[1]. Animal puzzle games is the main differentiation from other animal websites. Each article has a puzzle game which could be a quiz, jigsaw, memory game, crossword, etc. This not only helps readers review information but also entertains them and sharpens their brains.[2]


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