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Tapilu is a website built specifically for pet owners. It provides a wide variety of information on everything about pets, from how to take care of pets to tips on training them.

Everything about pets
Pets and Animals
Years active 2019 - now


Tapilu was launched in 2019 by Mia Ta, owner of Ofacts. The name tapilu of the website is a variant of "ta pin lu." This world means a collection of a variety of things in Vietnamese. [1] By naming the website "tapilu," Mia wanted to write everything about pets.

In 2019, with many years of experience in the content industry, Mia realized that there was very little accurate information about pets. Although at that time, the domestic pet industry was developing quite well.[2] That's the reason why Mia launched the website. And now, Tapilu has become one of the most reliable resources for pet owners.


In the early stages, Tapilu's content mainly focused on pet news (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) In late 2019, the content of the web began to redirect. It started to focus more on the pets themselves, including their behaviors, common health issues, tips to take care of them, feed them, and train them.

The main difference of Tapilu compared to other websites in the domestic market is detailed and complete information. Instead of providing some sketchy information, the website gives readers specific information on different topics about pets.


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