Nestor Galban

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Nestor Galban
Born 2004 (age 16–17)
Nationality Cuba
Occupation student
Known for Lives with Matt Gaetz, a Congressional Representative who faces allegations he is a pedophile[1]

Nestor Galban is a youth, from Cuba, currently living in the United States.[1]

Galban has been the focus of media attention due to his relationship with Matt Gaetz, a Congressional Representative, from Florida, who was the focus of multiple controversies in 2021.[1] Gaetz has acknowledged that Galban lives with him, and that he feels "like a stepfather" to him. However, he is not Galban's legal guardian.

According to Gaetz, Galban came from Cuba to America when he was a twelve year old orphan, and planned to live with his older sister.[1] According to Gaetz, Galban's older sister was his girlfriend, and, when they broke up Galban continued to live with him. According to The Sun, reporters tried and failed to determine the identity of Galban's older sister.

One of the controversies surrounding Gaetz has been allegations he paid for sex from women who were extremely young, and, in at least one case, were under the legal age of consent.[1] Further, Gaetz paid for these women to travel with him, and under US law, "transporting" sex partners "across state lines", can elevate a sex crime from a misdemeanor to a felony.


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