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Lucky 5 is a virtual online casino game created by the organizer of the game of chance, the company Meridianbet D.O.O. [1][2][3][4]


Lucky 5 is a betting game in which a random number generator (RNG) is used to select the course of the game. The game round consists of announcement of the game, counting down, visual appearance of coefficient and generating numbers. The announcement and countdown takes about two and a half minutes, the numbers are drawn for about two minutes, so the whole round of the game lasts about five minutes in total. [5][6][7]

Rules of the game

Lucky 5 is a virtual betting game that offers 36 numbers in total, ie. numbers from 1 to 36, while in one round 5 random numbers are drawn. All 36 numbers are divided into 4 colors, ie 9 numbers in the same color, which are red, green, blue and orange. Before each draw, one number, two, three, four or five can be selected for the next round, and from the randomly drawn five, the number or numbers previously selected must be drawn After that, a profit equal to the payment is made. [8][9][10][11]

Game Options

The Random option is enabled, it is used to systematically select one number, which needs to be drawn in the next draw, in order to make potential winnings. The offered Contra option allows the numbers selected for the next draw not to be drawn, it is necessary that the drawn numbers are a contra of the selected ones.

Additional games

There are also additional features and games when betting on the virtual game Lucky 5, in addition to the selected numbers that need to be drawn for a particular round, you can choose whether the total number of all drawn numbers will be higher or lower than the offered limit. As well as whether the total number of drawn numbers will be even or odd, or there will be more even or odd numbers drawn. There is also the possibility of betting on the first or last drawn number, whether it will be higher or lower than the offered limit, as well as the game the first or last number will be even or odd. It is also possible to bet on colors, which will be the color of the first or last drawn number, as well as bet on five different colors. There is also the possibility of betting on colors, where out of the four offered colors, it is guessed which will be the most drawn color in the round.

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