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Longblast is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Shockwave created by Mech IDeas in 2013.

Mech IDeas

Longblast is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Shockwave created by Mech IDeas.

Other third-party Transformer homages to Shockwave include Mastermind Creations Cyclops and TFC Toys Phantom of Screamer Set.


Prototype images of Longblast were displayed at the Cherry Bomb Toy Show in October of 2012.[1]

Mech IDeas posted finished pictures of Longblast on the internet in December of 2012.[2]

Longblast was released in January 2013.


The WTF@TFW podcast for December 21st, 2012 selected Longblast as one of the New Picture Picks.[3]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for June 2nd, 2013 one of the hosts talked about the Mech IDeas Longblast he recently purchased.[4]

Fictional biography

A dangerous Eliminator, long thought to be in hiding has started to rear his cyclopean head once again. Not seen since the accident that claimed his arm (a medical experiment gone awry), he has started a complex process called "Empurata-by-proxy", a technique by which he can manipulate weak-willed "empties" and clone-bodies for his own maniacal ends. His first experiment was on one of the many almost-mindless security drones who use the 256-OZU-004 body-type and when this proved successful he turned his attention to a robot of higher stature.

He managed to lure a Steelian clone known as Zip-Zip into a trap, and proceeded to over-write his likeness and personality onto the feeble minded automation. Using this body and many others like it, Cyclops can infiltrate Steelian bases, intercept transmissions and has an almost limitless range of striking ability. Indeed, the ability to strike at a foe from afar with no risk to his own being is why he has dubbed this the "Long-Blast" Project.

With too many clones running from his core processor, it can slow Cyclops down and the only weakness the clones suffer from is "lagging", a Steel Planet term from the old days of "dial-up" information uploads. So car the only Steelian who suspects there is a nefarious plot is Scatman, who has noticed the strange behavior and unexplained absences of his former partner Zip-zip, and has vowed to find out the truth.


  • Mech IDeas W-01 Longblast (2013)
An original mold by Mech IDeas. Includes head, wrist blaster, Shockwave-style gun, Megatron-style gun and labels. The biography for Longblast was written by Ceno Kibble.



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