Phantom of Screamer Set

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Phantom of Screamer Set

TFC-006 Phantom of Screamer Set A & B
Created by TFC Toys
Genre Science Fiction
In-story information
Element of stories featuring Starscream
Affiliation Decepticon

Phantom of Screamer Set is a set of third-party Transformer accessories made by TFC Toys in 2010.

TFC Toys

Phantom of Screamer Set promotional photos displayed the accessories being used by Masterpiece Starscream, Heneki Cyclonus and Henkei Megatron.

The Phantom of Screamset Set should not be confused with TFC Toys's F-4 Phantom.


TFC Toys first teased the first Phantom of Screamer set in January 2008.[1]


  • TFC Toys TFC-006A Phantom of Screamer Set (2010)
An unlicensed add-on set for Masterpiece Starscream by TFC Toys. Set A consists of smaller side skirt armor to replace the hip kibble in robot mode, along with a forearm gatling gun (as used by Skywarp in the IDW comics) and a miniature Shockwave in gun mode.
  • TFC Toys TFC-006B Phantom of Screamer Set (2010)
Set B is the coronation set for the Masterpiece MP-03G Starscream Ghost Version, consisting of the crown, shoulder armor and side skirt armor molded in translucent plastic, along with a purple cloth cape. Both come with display stands (black for set A, clear for set B).[2]




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