Kadiza Sultana

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Kadiza Sultana
Born London
Died Template:Death year and age
Nationality United Kingdom
Known for Covertly travelled to Daesh occupied Syria

Kadiza Sultana was a United Kingdom schoolgirl who travelled to Daesh-occupied Syria with two school-chums when she was just 16 years old.[1] Sultana's friends Amira Abase and Shamima Begum were even younger than she was. They followed the example of another schoolfriend, Sharmeena Begum, who travelled to Syria in December 2014.[2] Kadiza and the other two girls followed in February 2015.

In a profile the The New York Times published on August 17, 2015, they said Sultana was "exceptionally bright".[3] The profile quoted the chief executive of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Sasha Havlicek, who characterized her and her friends as "the face of a new, troubling phenomenon ... a jihadi, girl-power subculture".

Sultana had attended her friend Sharmeena's father's second marraige.[3] Sharmeena's father was critical of what he described as the failure of UK security officials to heed his warning Sharmeena's friends might follow her example. UK Police did interview Sultana and other girls from the Bethnal Green Academy, after Sharmeena traveled to Syria -- but as witnesses, not as other potential victims.

The four friends were all married to foreigners who had volunteered to fight for Daesh, shortly after their arrival.[3] The four friends stories diverge, after their arrival. Sultana was reported to have died. Shamima said her friend and her husband were killed by a Russian missile strike.[4] But, since her family report she had told them she had grown disenchanted with the Daesh regime, wanted to defect, but was prevented from doing so because of Daesh's scrutiny, consideration has been given to the possibilty that Daesh officials executed her for disloyalty.


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