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Shamima Begum is a young women from the United Kingdom, who stirred controversy after traveling to Daesh territory, and marrying a jihadi fighter, while still a 15-year-old teenager, and then requesting return to the UK.[1][2][3][4]

Begum's husband, a citizen of The Netherlands, Yago Riedijk, surrendered to fighters allied to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).[1]

Counter-terrorism experts predict Begum will be arrested, when she arrives in the UK.[1][2]

Commentators were critical of Begum's lack of remorse.[1][5] Her family defended her, due to her age.[1]

“To us, those are the words of a girl who was groomed at the age of 15; we are also mindful that Shamima is currently in a camp surrounded by Isis sympathisers and any comments by her could lead directly to danger to her and her child. Given Shamima’s four-year ordeal, we are concerned that her mental health has been affected by everything that she has seen and endured.”[1]

Sajid Javid, the United Kingdom's Home Secretary, the minister responsible for internal security, said he may bar her from returning to the UK, even though it is the country of her birth.[1][2]

Begum said she had two children, in Daesh, who died during the war.[2]

Begum told The Times that her child would be taken from her, in the UK.[4]

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