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Transformers character
Name Firecracker
Series Transformers: Generation 2
Alternate modes Car
Function Rapid Assault
Gender Male
Motto "Decepticons belong in the junkyards!"
Rank 5
Sub-group Go-Bot

Firecracker is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is an Autobot Go-Bot introduced in 1995.

Transformers: Generation 2

Firecracker is one of the Autobot Go-Bots and a rapid assault expert.

Fictional biography

Born in a wind tunnel - no detectable drag resistance. Constantly feels need for speed through octane ignition turbines linked to internal coolant levels. If levels exceed accepted norms, accelerator control is lost and his temper flares like a raging bull. If enormous vented discs failed to provide braking power, he'd burn like a meteor.

Fun Publications

Firecracker appears in "A Flash Forward" by Fun Publications. Cliffjumper is assigned to evaluate the powers of the young Autobots who gained powers from forestonite. He tests Firecracker, Electro, Manta Ray, Aquafend, Windbreaker and Road Rocket. Firecracker displays the ability to shoot pyrotechnics from his hands.[1]


  • Generation 2 Go-Bot Firecracker (1995)
A new mold. Came with a gun accessory. This toy was recolored into Generation 2 Go-Bot Optimus Prime, Generation 2 Go-Bot Sideswipe and Robots in Disguise R.E.V.


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