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Fans Toys
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Fans Toys is a China based toy company that specializes in third-party Transformer toys.

Fans Toys produce masterpiece scaled toys, with homage aesthetics, closely resembling that of the 1980's cartoon. Debuting originally in 2006, with their trailer homage to match and accentuate the original scaled, Official Master Piece figure MP-1. Which at the time, only had a cardboard mock up trailer included, which was part of the packaging itself. "FT-01" is the retroactive identifier, for "The Trailer of 20th Anniversary OP"[1] a Master Piece-sized rendition of the original. Not to be confused with Justitoys' own non-transforming trailer accessory. An FT-02 Acoustic Wave project in a MP style was planned, but was postponed for nearly a decade[2], once the official figure was announced. With figures ranging from Season 1 - 4 characters of the U.S. continuity, and The Japanese continuity toyline, and anime.[3] Some have different variants, with different paint schemes. These generally homage the various toy lines which comprised the original figures, prior to the cartoon's initial debut in 1984. Any such variant, has a designation marker after the number listed below, and most are limited in quantities produced, which is noted after each entry.

FT-03 - Regular version - refer to animation coloring style

FT-03C - Clear version, translucent

FT-03T - Toy version homage to the original figure see also FT-04T, 05T, 12T, 16T, & 44TUS/JP

FT-04X - Premium paint, complementing MP-8X King Grimlock - see also FT-05, 06, 07, 08, & 10

FT-04D - Diaclone version see also FT-06, & 08

FT-04G - G2 version see also FT-06, & 08

FT-10LX - Soft [Translucent]

FT-16M - Movie/Metallic

FT-29T[4] - Toon on this repaint only, opposed to Toy for other releases - see FT-03T, 04T, 05T, 12T, 16T, & 44TUS/JP.

Repaint figures began with their FT-03 Grey Toy Dojo store exclusive. Reissues with the first in 2015. Differentiated package release dates for those, are also listed in brackets. Retools occur on reissues which have been altered from the original design to fix prior limitations, with FT-22 Koot being the first. 2.0 figures are complete redesigns, to more closely follow the trend of animation accuracy, from their original designs. This has occurred 3 times so far, FT-04 replaced by an directly implied PF-01 Cesium(see FT-31A Roadking entry), FT-27 was replaced by FT-45, and FT-09 was replaced by FT-46, with several more possible figures getting a similar treatment. The first add-on accessory began with FT-04 Scoria's addition of foot risers for the Official MP-08 to match it's height. After discovering the Official manufacturer would not be creating any other of the dinosaur robot figures, Fans Toys created their own. The first separate add-on accessory, was the smoky colored toy head, for Scoria to more closely resemble the original 1985 figure's appearance. Only occurring for a few more figures in the Dibot line, to switch out and match animation appearances, before ending the practice. Outside the FT-12 and T which fell into the transition period. Their aesthetic then altered in favor of a base figure that already closely matches animation models, with a slight mix of both, or include in package add-on parts to do the same function. Some toy models did not match their onscreen counterparts in the first place, to have a simple solution to a definitive figure.

Note: Any dates listed after each entry, are product release dates. Those roughly or not completely known are indicated by a ?. These are based on a US/Canadian calendar year, as the Chinese calendar year usually ends on January 22nd, which is the companies country of origin. Any figure released, or produced in that time frame, would reflect on the prior production year.

Product List


- 1 figure accessory
  • MP-1 Master Piece OP Trailer 01/2006


- 1 figure mold


- 2 new figure mold(s), 2 figure repaint(s)
  • FT-03 Quakewave Gray (Shackwave) - Toy Dojo Exclusive[5] - Limited to 250 pieces 04-2014
  • FT-04 Scoria (FansToys) (Slag) - cartoon version, silver horns, red head 06-2014
  • FT-05 Soar (FansToys) (Swoop) - cartoon version, blue chest 12-2014
  • FT-05T Soar (FansToys) (Swoop) - toy version, red chest 12-2014


- 3 new figure mold(s), 7 figure repaint(s), 1 figure reissue(s), 1 figure accessory(s)


- 6 new figure mold(s), 6 figure repaint(s), 2 figure reissue(s), 0 figure accessories
  • FT-13 Mercenary (FansToys) (Shrapnel) 01-2016
  • FT-11 Spotter (FansToys) (Reflector) Character tech spec card not included 01-2016
  • FT-06X Sever (FansToys) (Snarl)- premium paint, complementing MP-8X King Grimlock Limited to 1000 pieces 05-2016
  • FT-06D Sever (FansToys) (Snarl)- diaclone version, Limited release of 500 figures 05-2016
  • FT-06G Sever (FansToys) (Snarl)- G2 version, Limited release of 500 figures 05-2016
  • FT-07 Stomp (FansToys) (Sludge) 05-2016
  • FT-14 Forager (Kickback)[6] 07-2016
  • FT-15 Willis (Hound)[7] 09-2016
  • FT-07X Stomp (FansToys) (Sludge)- premium paint, complementing MP-8X King Grimlock - Limited to 1000 pieces 9/2016
  • FT-05X [Exclusive] Soar (Swoop) - Limited to 1000 pieces [8] 9/2016
  • FT-05XT [Exclusive/Toy] Soar (Swoop) - Limited to 500 pieces[9] 9/2016
  • FT-05 Soar (FansToys) (Swoop) Reissue 11/2016?
  • FT-12T Grenadier (FansToys) (Bombshell) - toy version, purple chest reissue 12/2016
  • FT-18 Lupus & Moonz (Weirdwolf & Monzo)[10] - 12/2016​


- 8 new figure mold(s), 3 figure repaint(s), 5 figure reissue(s), 4 figure accessories

  • FT-16 Sovereign (Galvatron)[11] 01-2017
  • FT-08 Grinder (FansToys) (Grimlock) - Includes upgraded head for FT-06, upgraded faces for FT-05 and FT-04 02-2017
  • FT-13 Mercenary (FansToys) (Shrapnel) - Reissue 03-2017
  • FT-04 Scoria (Slag) Reissue 04-2017?
  • FT-10 Phoenix (Skyfire)[12] - Includes adapter for FT-16's flight stand 05-2017
  • FT-07 Stomp (FansToys) (Sludge) Reissue 07-2017
  • FT-27 Spindrift (Seaspray)[13] 08-2017
  • FT-08G Grinder (FansToys) (Blue Grimlock) 08-2017
  • FT-08D Grinder (FansToys) (Diaclone Grimlock) 08-2017
  • FT-08X Grinder (FansToys) (Chrome Limited Edition Grimlock) - Limited release of 1000 figures, includes upgraded head for FT-06X, upgraded faces for FT-05X and FT-04X 08-2017
  • FT-20A Terminus Giganticus (Omega Supreme) [14] 08-2017
  • PF-01 Cesium [Scoria 2.0] (Slag)[15] 09-2017
  • FT-08 [Accessory] (G1 Grinder "Toon" Head)[16] 09-2017
  • FT-20B Terminus Giganticus (Omega Supreme) 09-2017
  • FT-10 Phoenix (Jetfire) Reissue includes adapter for FT-16's flight stand 10-2017
  • FT-22 Koot & Draw Back (Kup & Recoil)[17] - 11/2017
  • FT-19 Apache (Springer)[18] 12-2017
  • FT-08G [Accessory] (Blue Grinder "Toon" Head)[19] 12-2017
  • FT-08D [Accessory] (G1 Grinder "Toon" Head)[20] 12-2017
  • FT-08X [Accessory] (G1 Chrome Grinder "Toon" Head)[21] 12-2017
  • FT-05 Soar (FansToys) (Swoop) 2nd Reissue 12-2017​


- 4 new figure mold(s), 1 figure repaint(s), 5 figure reissue(s), 1 figure accessory
  • FT-20G Terminus Giganticus (Guardian) [22] Limited release of 500 figures, character tech spec card not included 01-2018
  • FT-16 Sovereign (FansToys) (Galvatron) Reissue 02-01-2018
  • FT-19 Apache (Springer) 2nd run? 03-08-2018
  • FT-24 Rouge (Arcee) [23] 04-30-2018
  • FT-22 Koot & Draw Back (Kup & Recoil) Reissue 06-27-2018
  • FT-23 Dracula & Helsing (Mindwipe & Vorath) [24] 07-29-2018
  • FT-06 Sever (FansToys) (Snarl) Reissue 08-29-2018
  • FT-08 Grinder (FansToys) (Grimlock) Reissue includes upgraded head for FT-06, upgraded faces for FT-05 and FT-04 08-29-2018
  • FT-08 [Accessory] (G1 Grinder "Toon" Head) Reissue 08-29-2018
  • FT-29/[PF-02[25]] Quietus & Escrima (Cyclonus and Nightstick) [26] - [Fans Toys 2018] 10-24-2018
  • FT-28 Hydra (Sixshot) [27] 12-12​-2018


- 6 new figure mold(s), 3 figure repaint(s), 1 figure reissue(s), 0 figure accessories
  • FT-17 Hoodlum (Hot Rod) [28] [Fans Toys 2018]​ 01-20-2019
  • FT-10X Phoenix (Skyfire) [29] - Includes adaptor for FT-16's flight stand, Limited release of 1500[30] figures, premium metallic paint 03-13-2019
  • FT-31A Roadking (Motormaster) [31] This figure's biography mentions Cesium, and not Scoria, as their "Slag" 04-26-2019
  • FT-10 Phoenix (Jetfire) - Reissue 06-2019
  • FT-30A Maverick (Silverbolt) [32] 07-2019
  • FT-29T Quietus & Escrima (Cyclonus & Nightstick) [33] 08-2019
  • FT-31C Spoiler (Breakdown) [34] 09-15-2019
  • FT-39 Jabber & Cypher (Blurr & Haywire) [35] 10-11-2019
  • FT-16M Sovereign [Metallic] (Galvatron) [36] 11-13-2019
  • FT-30C Goose (Skydive) [37] 12-13​-2019


- 6 new figure mold(s), 1 figure repaint(s), 5 figure reissue(s), 0 figure accessories 
  • FT-31A Roadking (Motormaster) - Reissue 01-2020
  • FT-41 Sheridan (Warpath) [38] 04-2020
  • FT-30B Iceman (Air Raid) [39] 05-2020
  • FT-31B Magnum (Wildrider) [40] 06-2020
  • FT-22 Koot (Kup and Recoil) Reissue 06-2020
  • FT-42 Hunk (Brawn) [41] 07-2020
  • FT-43 Dunerider/Dunerunner (Beachcomber) [42] 08-2020
  • FT-16M Sovereign [Movie] (Galvatron) Reissue 09-2020
  • FT-44 Thomas (Astrotrain) [43] 09-2020
  • FT-10LX-Soft Phoenix [translucent categorized as the repaint]- Includes adaptor for FT-16's flight stand, Limited release in partnership with LX-Soft 11-2020
  • FT-31C Spoiler (Breakdown) Reissue 12-09-2020
  • FT-10 Phoenix (Jetfire) 2nd Reissue 12-29-2020


- 6 new figure mold(s), 1 figure repaint(s), 8 figure reissue(s), 1 figure accessories, 2 (FT-12/T reissue) figure retool(s)
  • FT-31D Smokey (Dragstrip)[44] 01-20-2021
  • Universal Stand [Accessory][45] Includes adapters for FT-19, 24, 29/T, & 39 02-2021
  • FT-45 Spindrift (Seaspray)[46] 03-2021
  • FT-29T Quietus & Escrima (Cyclonus & Nightstick) Reissue [Fans Toys 2021] 05-2021
  • FT-12 Grenadier (FansToys) (Bombshell) Retooled Reissue [Fans Toys 2021] 05-2021
  • FT-12T Grenadier (FansToys) (Bombshell) Retooled toy version, purple chests 2nd Reissue [Fans Toys 2021] 05-2021
  • FT-13 Mercenary (FansToys) (Shrapnel) Reissue [Fans Toys 2021] 05-2021
  • FT-14 Forager (Kickback) Reissue [Fans Toys 2021] 06-2021
  • FT-19 Apache (Springer) Triangle not painted yellow on head, 2nd Reissue [Fans Toys 2021] 07-2021
  • FT-05 Soar (FansToys) (Swoop) cartoon version, blue chests 3rd Reissue [Fans Toys 2021] - 08-2021
  • FT-07 Stomp (FansToys) (Sludge) 2nd Reissue [Fans Toys 2021] 09-2021
  • RP-01 Acoustic Wave & FIBRIR (Soundwave & Rumble)[47] 11-2021
  • RP-01B FIRRIB, Shadow, & Corvus (Frenzy, Ravage, & Laserbeak 3 pack) [48] 12-21-2021


- 9 new figure molds, 1 figure repaint(s), 3 figure reissues, 4 figure (FT-29 reissue) accessories, 0 figure retool(s)
  • FT-47 Rig (Huffer) [49] 01-2022
  • FT-46 Tesla 2.0 (Perceptor)[50] 02-2022
  • FT-51 Chomp & Irwin (Skullcruncher & Grax)[51] 04-2022
  • FT-40A Hannibal & Thorn (Fortress/Cerebros & Spike)[52] is the world's first TF video created with cartoon rendering real scene synthesis technology, specially produced by FT, dedicated to all TF fans who stick to their memories and dreams! 05-2022
  • FT-25 Outrider (Trailbreaker) [53] 06-2022
  • ​FT-16T [Exclusive/Toy] Sovereign (Galvatron) [54] 07-2022
  • FT-52 Aussie (Outback) [55] 08-2022
  • FT-29 Quietus & Escrima (Cyclonus & Nightstick) [56] Reissue comes with 2 extra IDW inspired clear purple bladed swords and 2 IDW face plates [Fans Toys 2022] 09-2022
  • FT-26 Hitch (Hoist) [57] 09-2022
  • FT-23 Dracula & Helsing (Mindwipe & Vorath) [58] Reissue [Fans Toys 2022] 10-2022
  • FT-49 Phantasm (Mirage) [59] 10-2022
  • FT-29 [Accessory pack] Quietus 4 piece accessory add-on [60] 11-11-2022
  • FT-16M Sovereign [Metallic] (Galvatron) [61] 2nd Reissue 11-2022
  • FT-48 Jive (Jazz) [62] 12-2022


- 9 new figure mold(s), 5 figure repaint(s), 4 figure reissue(s), 4 figure accessory(s), 1 figure retool
  • FT-53 Parkour (Cliffjumper) [63] 03-23
  • FT-44US [Exclusive/Toy] Thomas (Astrotrain) Limited Edition[64] of 2500 pieces of the Original American toy version repaint - Includes flight stand and new face sculpt accessory with the toy visor look[65] [66] 04-23
  • RP-01 Acoustic Wave & FIBRIR (Soundwave & Rumble)[67] Limited 3rd run supply for stores which did not carry their counterfeit version. 04-23
  • FT-55 Recorder & Fast Forward (Blaster & Rewind) Does not include the gold chest/tape deck lid from the initial reveal, due to community outcry. 05-23
  • FT-55B Erase, Amplifier, & Loudspeaker (Eject, Ramhorn,& Steeljaw 3-Pack [68] 06-23
  • FT-44JP [Exclusive/Toy] Thomas (Astrotrain) Limited Edition of 2500 pieces of the "Panda Version" Japanese Toy version repaint - Includes flight stand (simultaneous release with the 3-pack) 06-23
  • FT-18 Lupus & Moonz (Weirdwolf & Monzo) [69] Paint color change from silver to off-white, creating a more Toon accurate paint scheme. Includes panel retools, adding some tabs, to secure the panels on the back of the legs, and additional knee joint detent slots added in back.[70] 06-23
  • FT-44 Thomas (Astrotrain) first figure reissued without railroad track/stand [71] 07-23
  • FT-54 Warthog (Powerglide) [72] 07-23 uses FT-US as a flight stand.
  • FT-55 Gold chest [Accessory] The option to purchase it separately from trusted stores: Show.Zstore[73] and Bombusbee[74] for Chinese e-tail customers, e-tailer Omegalock/Genesis Toys for the UK[75] and Toy Dojo[76]the retail store in the US [77] 07-23
  • FT-44 Thomas Track/Flight Stand [Accessory][78] 8-23
  • FT-57 Tube (Pipes) Includes Fortress City's transfiguration cog[79].. 08-23
  • FT-42 Hunk (Brawn)[80] 9-23
  • FT-56 Variator (Gears) [81] 09-23
  • FT-58 Diverge (Swerve) [82] 10-23
  • FT-48X Jive (Jazz) Toy livery Special Edition, Limited to 3000 pieces[83] 12-23
  • FT-48 Jive (Jazz) [84] reissue 12-23


- 1 new figure mold(s), 0 figure repaint(s), 0 figure reissue(s), 0 figure accessory(s), 0 figure retool
  • FT-61 Inquisitor & Quarrel (Scourge & Fracas) Includes an adapter to attach to the FT-US, for the flight stand. First batch's grip on Quarrel were short, and the subsequent batches were modified with a longer handle.[85] 01-24
  • FT-30D Viper (Fireflight)[86] 04-24
  • RP-02 Acoustic Blaster, & Night Bat (Soundblaster & Ratbat)[87] 05-24
  • RP-01C Marvin, Corax, Rexadon, & Thagomizer (Autoscout, Buzzsaw(Corvus repaint), Overkill, & Slugfest) [88] 06-24

Colored Final products, reissues, and repaints scheduled for release in 2024

  • FT-30E Jester (Slingshot) [89] FT-30 Ethereaon (Superion)[90] Includes gestalt frame, and a flight stand feature configuration for FT-30A-E in their jet modes spanning a massive 1000mm/39.37" in width[91]. 3rd Quarter
  • FT-32A Gehry (Scrapper) Right leg, and Leader of the FT-32 ?????????? Crew. Includes combiner parts with figure.
  • FT-30A Maverick [92]
  • FT-30B Iceman [93] 4th Quarter
  • FT-32B Wright (Scavenger) Right arm of FT-32???????? will include combining parts with each figure.[94]
  • FT-30C Goose [95]
  • FM-02 Margh (Ultra Magnus) [96]
  • FT-31E Bandit (Dead End) [97]

FT-32 is slated to be completed by the end 2025

  • FT-32C ???? ???? (Long Haul) Lower torso of FT-32????????
  • FT-32D ???? (Hook) Upper Torso of FT-32????????
  • FT-32E ????????? (Mixmaster) Left leg of FT-32????????
  • FT-32F ??????????? (Bonecrusher) Left arm of FT-32????????

2024 color reveals at TFCon 2024 in Los Angeles, California

  • FM-01 ???????? ??????(Optimus Prime) rumored to be designated "Hero" by Baidu Tieba forum members. But Fans Toys denies that is the case.

Grey Prototype images only, with no tentative release dates.

  • FT-31 Marauder (Menasor) [98] Still in designing phase of the gestalt frame, comes included with Bandit
  • FM-03 Warhorse (Ironhide)[99]
  • FM-04 Doc (Ratchet)[100] shown first with FM-03 stills[101]
  • FT-21 Berserk (Blitzwing) [102] An update on the figure's redesign progress is scheduled for TFCON L.A. March 2024! as per FansToys correspondence. [103]
  • FT-40 Fortificus Titanicus (Fortress Maximus/Transtector) [104] @13 second mark
  • FT-62 ????? (Chromedome) [105]

Fiction, This lineup list is also based on biographical information, on the back of the boxes

In the Year 2006. A trailer befitting the first Master Piece was crafted!

7 years later, in the year 2013. Fans Toys figure's fictional factions include the main antagonists, The Hereticons, beginning with Quakewave. The first of 5 subgroups consisting of 5 Iron Dibots. Scoria (FansToys) being the first, followed by Soar (FansToys), then Sever. The main protagonists of varying sizes starting with Tesla (FansToys), are called the Autorobots. With an undisclosed Leader's name for each main group so far. Then there is the 2 variant insects, and 3 total separate archtypes of The Swarm. The first is Grenadier (FansToys). The grey chested robot with Toon accurate colors, and a grey thorax rhinoceros beetle(seen in some scenes). The other being a purple chested robot matching toy colors, but toy/toon colored thorax as FT-12T. 4 more repaints of Scoria appear, and the the 4th Dibot Stomp (FansToys) appears. At the beginning of 2016, a combiner camera group of Hereticons named Spotter (FansToys), was released. And after the 3 repaints of Sever, the final 2 Swarm members appear. Mercenary (FansToys), and 4 months later Forager, to finish their faction. Their first car bot, originally called Willy, releases as FT-15 Willis[106]. 2 chrome repaint Dibots of SoarX, XT, and StompX, are released not requiring any other variants. Then the next figure is a howling Hereticon, a yellow and green wolf, which warns of dastardly deeds named Lupus, the first with a mini-robot partner aptly named Moonz, which gets in his head, and forms it.

In 2017 there was a purple figure of distinction, the head of the Fanaticon faction, in the top ranks of the Hereticons, named Sovereign. The final Dibot, and their Leader, Grinder is released. Next is the gentle giant named Phoenix, which makes all others seem small by comparison. A minor error in FT-27 Spindrift, leads to another iteration later. also sees FT-20 Terminus Giganticus' first box is named Aegis Sentinal "A", containing the upper body: waist, chest, and wings of the robot, also form it's tanks tracks, and the launch center of the defense base/FOB form arrive. The next month a Scoria 2.0 becomes available named Cesium, from a company named Perfect Fusion, due to Scoria's limited height; compared to the rest of the group . And to get farther ahead, Fans Toys supply Grinder with another toon dino mode head. Also in that same month, Aegis Sentinal "B" arrives, containing it's lower body: arms, thighs, and legs which form it's rocket, and remaining base sections. Finishing the behemoth base, and the robot's final components. Which also comes in one box set with A & B together soon after. An old gruff teal and green robot named Koot, and first of several characters with a weaponized mini-robot partner, it's named Draw Back. Also a courageous robot, not so "green" or "yellow", with 2 vehicle forms, named Apache becomes available. 2 new Dibot heads, blue, and silver, and one reissued grey for the 3 Grinder variants released August of that year. At the start of 2018, a second large FT-20G robot/base in shades and tints of blue repaint is added. Difficult to find now due to age, and limited numbers of the figure being produced. A feminine robot is also included in the figure lineup, named Rouge. Another Hereticon joins the list named Dracula, with his mini-robot partner Helsing. His alt mode is not a van, but a bat, and his partner forms his robot head. Their next figure FT-29 Quietus and second figure to include a weaponized partner, it's named Escrima. A Perfect Fusion of warrior and loyal soldier, and second in command, of the Fanaticons faction of Hereticons. Next is 1 robot with 7 forms named Hydra, nearly an army unto itself. Able to multiply, and appear as a group of all 7 simultaneously. Ending their 2018 lineup for the US market.

The first figure of 2019 appears, FT-17 Hoodlum. After a 3 year wait, and 3rd figure with a weaponized partner, but is unnamed. Using Hoodlum as a size reference, roughly 6 and a half stacked high, will be the height of their massive FT-40 Super robot they revealed. The FT-10X Limited Edition repaint is released. The leader of the 5 party Demolition Derby group, is a semi truck, introduced as Roadking. 3 months later the 5 jet Air Defense Force leader named Maverick, is released. Each larger than the rest of the subgroup members. It's possible 6 more subgroups could be produced, as one was possibly revealed as a shadowy combined form in 2016 with their FT-20. As that would fill the gap in their figure numbering order. Quietus gets a T version, but not for Toy this time around. It's new paint theme is more Toon, and Movie accurate. Other T figures before, and after it, have had toy repaints. Their 2nd Demolition Derby figure FT-31C Spoiler released. Followed by a speedy blue, fast-talking, hovercar named Jabber, with a weaponized partner named Cypher. Sovereign gets an M version repaint, in a (M)ovie Metallic "Blue". The second Air Defense Force jet, FT-30C Goose finishes the 2019 US releases.

The aptly named FT-41 Sheridan, comes out as the first new figure, of the eye opening 2020. The next Air Defense Force FT-30 jet is released, Iceman, and Demolition Derby FT-31 car Magnum, both B designated members respectively. FT-42 Hunk, and FT-43 Dunerider, which was erroneously labeled Dune"runner" are released consecutively. FT-43 has some clerical errors on the packaging wordage using Sheridan's bio, and collector card. But the image galleries, and card retain the correct figure. A second robot with 2 alternate forms releases, a Hereticon named FT-44 Thomas. The final 2020 new figure an FT-10LX "clear" Phoenix, designed in partnership with LX-Soft, is a 1000 piece limited release. Beginning 2021, The 4th member of Demolition Derby FT-31D Smokey was released. A February release of a blue Universal Stand accessory. FT-45 Spindrift 2.0 replaces FT-27's small figure in March. With 1 FT-29T reissue followed by 2 retools of the FT-12/T reissue and the other 2 bugs, and 2 dibot reissues, spanning from May through September. It was a veritable Robot Paradise, for anyone that missed out on them, or wanted to avoid high aftermarket prices on many of those. 11 years in the making, RP-01 came out of the blue, or the red and black? Acoustic Wave amazed many, with animation accurate looks, plus toy option add-on parts.. paint, articulation, and heft. Including his Red and Black Cassetticon, named after the infamous F.I.B.R.I.R. acronym. You can comfortably fit 2 minions inside RP-01. And to follow up, their grand finale. A 3-Pack of Cassetticons packed in a tiny box of red, and black, in a retro clear plastic clamshell. At it's core was Corvus, FIRRIB, & Shadow..."Operation: Acronym". So ends their 2021 lineup.

FT-47 Rig was first in Fans Toys product/lineup list for 2022. Followed by Tesla 2.0 to replace FT-09's battle damaged chassis, (due to Quakewave's blasts) with a newer more animation accurate, and improved quality figure. FT-26 converted to FT-51 Chomp & Irwin, joining the Hereticon ranks. FT-40A Hannibal appears next, and will be the Head in alt mode, for FT-40, to finish the 120cm total height. FT-25 Outrider redesign finally came out after many years, in some interesting packaging, to say the least. Which it had already been seen. It's very plain package, the bio, and card, both were recycled from other Fans Toys figures. FT-16 gets a 2nd repaint, this time in a Toy/Comic colored release. FT-52 Aussie includes a much anticipated accessory, similar to one shown (and some stores advertised as included), with their FT-42 Hunk promos. (A special note for FT-29 reissue, as it gets an added accessory pack consisting of 2 purple swords and 2 IDW face sculpts). FT-26 Pulley renamed Hitch, is a heavy retool of FT-25 Outrider, and next release in the product list. FT-49 Phantasm appears, before FT-48 Jive's much anticipated, and complicated release, to finish off 2022, and dazzle multitudes of music lovers.

Their first new figure of the 2023 production year, with a late start in a minuscule red robot, named FT-53 Parkour. It converts to a "chibi" car, reminiscent of a certain charismatic cartoon character's, super-deformed vehicle model. A Thomas repaint was the next release. FT-44T US being the first of the two to release in early April. Followed by a reissued fan favorite Fanaticon communicator of monotone monologues, and his little ground breaking red and black Cassetticon companion. Followed soon after by his sworn enemy, in May. The rhyme ready, and rock steady FT-55 Recorder, and "The Sound Machine" operative Fast Forward. The little guy with the golden gun. The black, white, and gold version mini-Cassettebot in the know, with the scoop on his foes. Followed up in mid-June by FT-55B trio of Recorder's "Sound Machine" team: Loudspeaker the golden Lion, Amplifier the brown Rhino, & Erase the little blue, and (silence is) golden bot! And the repaint Japanese toy colored FT-44T Thomas, released simultaneously. Ending June is 2 blasts from the past..FT-18 Lupus with a slight modification to the legs, in the back knee, and calf sections. Paint modifications to off-white on the alt mode head and neck, bot mode chest, and tail/sword. Includes panel retools on each leg, adding tabs, to secure the panels on the back of the legs, and additional rear knee joint detent slots. Followed by the final FT-44 Thomas reissue, sans track/stand. Coming forth in July, is a red A-10 designated FT-54 Warthog mentioned for a fly-by, for some heart-pounding aerial terpsichore! Plus FT-55 Recorder finally gets to go GOLD, with an electroplated decklid/chest accessory. In August, FT-44 Thomas' track/flight stand released for separate purchase. FT-57 Tube comes down the 'Pipes' mid month, and includes a "Transfiguration Cog for Fortress City". September's 2 releases their unsuspected first minibot reissue being FT-42 Hunk, and a second new release minibot FT-57 Variator. In late October FT-58 Diverge released. Late November the silver and gold chromed, and tampographed out, toy livery version FT-48X Jive was released. Mid December heralds their reissue of the original Jive.

For 2024. Their New Years video played at the stroke of midnight (in China). Announcing the Fanaticon FT-61 Inquisitor, and his partner Quarrel, to accompany all his newly formed film cadre from that celluloid movie masterpiece, released in 1986. The first batch had an issue with the mini-partner's handle being too short, but was retooled and extended later in the run. The 2nd release in April 2024, FT-30D Viper, brings their combiner closer to completion. This release has some coloring errors on the hip panels. Their early June release, is a recolor of their Acoustic Wave. But is in fact, an homage to the Japanese anime character reborn in black, with a red deck window, and comes with Night Bat. Their version of the "fuel scout"/impromptu leader of the Decepticons in the original comics.

Interview with the creators and owners [107] (translated)

AC interviewed the third-party studio Fans Toys Time: 2014-10-09 13:38:37 Source: Editor in charge: Heimao Tuo Today I bring you an exclusive interview with FansToys, a third-party Transformers manufacturer. Next, let's walk into FansToys with the moderators of King Kong Changxin and Jiupin Xiaocaomin.

1. What kind of opportunity or motivation led you to establish FT?

The establishment of Fans Toys is actually purely accidental, or fate is more appropriate. At that time, I didn't know anything about toy design and industrial production. Like most players, I thought how much a bunch of plastic toys cost? Although I heard that the cost of the mold will be relatively high, I don't think it will be too high. At that time, I had been playing TF for several years, and I felt that I still had some understanding of TF, and I had regrets about some official toys on the market or toys that were not officially launched, so I followed suit. The third party, the idea of ​​producing toys by itself. Just when I was looking for relationships with various parties and preparing to go to Guangdong for inspection, by chance, I met the other two partners who originally formed FT on the AC forum. We have common hobbies and ideals. This came together. So, AC can also be regarded as our matchmaker, huh, huh.

2. At present, there are many third-party manufacturers. The first product No. 03 was quickly accepted and recognized by fans after it was launched. What do you think is the reason (design, character, material, price?) that everyone quickly fell in love with Does FT's products make FT stand out among many third-party manufacturers?

The reason why we named our studio Fans Toys is because we are all die-hard fans of TF, a toy studio composed of a group of fans, Fans Toys is well-deserved. Just because we are all fans who grew up watching TF and have deep feelings for TF, we know what kind of toys ordinary players like us want, and we know what kind of design can evoke the resonance of everyone's common memories . As for the material and workmanship of the toy, there were already many third-party products on sale in the market at that time, but from the materials used to the workmanship to the quality, there was a big gap, and as fans, we also knew that players wanted What kind of material and quality should we get, so from the early stage of product planning, we have already set the principle of rather increasing the cost than reducing the quality of the materials used, and in the later stage of the product, we almost participated in the QC (quality inspection) of the product ) link, so the quality of the product has been recognized by most players. Regarding the choice of characters, as fans, we also know what we want, so this has never been a problem for us. Because none of us are local tyrant players, we also know the importance of product price to everyone, so when we decided on product price in the early stage, we tried to lower the ex-factory price of the product on the premise of ensuring the cost recovery. This is also one of the important reasons why FT-03 can be accepted by everyone smoothly.

3. After the establishment of FT, the target product was the development of individual characters in classic animations. Fans would naturally compare this style of toys with the existing master toys. Why did they target this area at that time? instead of other series?

In fact, this question is very simple. As loyal fans of G1, we are not so interested in TF works other than G1. Therefore, the main goal of Fans Toys is to design and produce toys that are not officially involved and can sufficiently restore G1 animation. , and the feature of the official master toy is to restore the G1 animation. As players, like many of our friends, we are all proportional control, so naturally, we try to design the size of the toy to match the master toy. On the other hand, after achieving such a large size, our designers can have enough room to design better and more ingenious deformation structures to achieve the purpose of restoring G1.

4. For works No. 01 and No. 02, the voices of the people have been quite high. Is there any intention to plan to re-release, especially the tape recorder, which is currently vacant. In addition, fans are very concerned about the progress of Tianhuo's development? .

As the big brother of the studio, dalianjj is an idol admired by many old players. It is he who completed the "Dalian Carriage" alone, which is the product we named FT-01, creating a precedent for TF third-party products. But after all, FT-01 is "old", and we don't intend to take it out again. And FT-02 is the eternal pain in our hearts. As the first project in the actual sense after the establishment of the studio, we devoted all our efforts. Because of lack of design experience, we also went to the university to find experts in mold design and manufacturing for advice. In this way, before FT-02 It took a total of 10 months to complete the entire design. It is a pity that everyone knows the result later. Looking back now, as the studio's first single-character work, there are indeed many shortcomings, so we have no plans to re-launch it to the market for the time being. As for other follow-up products, we may make some fine-tuning of the product development sequence according to market conditions, but please rest assured, "There will be bread, and there will be milk."

5. When it comes to dinosaurs, I have to mention other third parties that gathered together this year. In addition to FT, there are three other companies that also set their sights on the development of dinosaurs. What does FT think of this phenomenon of dinosaur fever? Faced with fierce competition What are the strategic changes?

Fans Toys' robot dinosaur development plan was formulated relatively early. In fact, in the process of developing FT-02, we have already determined the follow-up robot dinosaur development plan. As for the reason, it couldn't be simpler, because the status and popularity of robot dinosaurs in the minds of players are few and far between. Similarly, for other colleagues, this must be one of the important factors in their choice of roles. Competition is not a bad thing. With competition, the design of the product will be more perfect and the price will be more affordable. For players, this is definitely a good thing. For us, competition has indeed brought unprecedented pressure, which forced us to change some product development plans and speed up the pace of product development and production.

6. For FT’s No. 04 work, fans are pleased that FT maintains the heavy and majestic style before, but also regret some problems in this 04. For example, FT increased the use of electroplating and metallic paint but also increased the quality The difficulty of management, will this balance affect the subsequent product design? In the future, how will the FT plan improve and improve the quality control and after-sales of products?

As laymen in industrial design and production, we are still exploring and experimenting with the use of materials and craftsmanship. Everyone should still remember the transparent version of FT-03. In the end, we chose to destroy all the products that have been produced instead of pushing them to the market. It is because we do not understand the characteristics of the raw materials enough, which leads to universal problems. Based on the principle of responsibility, we have made such a decision. As for the problems of FT-04, we did not expect them at all. Some problems were indeed found in the early stage of product production, and most of them were dealt with and resolved in a timely manner, which led to our psychological relaxation in the later period, neglected the supervision of quality control, and some management problems in the processing factory, which eventually led to some players. Toys with quality problems. Due to the lack of manpower and energy, we have formulated an indirect after-sales service through dealers and agents in the early stage, which also caused some players to delay the after-sales for too long. I would like to say sorry to everyone here! As the saying goes, one learns one's wisdom. With the lessons learned this time, we will never let the same thing happen again. On the one hand, we will continue to improve the technology used in toy production, and on the other hand, we will It will strengthen the quality control of products, so that everyone will no longer worry about the quality of FT!

7. Does FT have any unique views on the current third-party circle? At present, the mainstream products take the target market positioning as the reason, and various series of products have appeared the phenomenon of stealing glue and shrinking, and it is becoming more and more serious. Is this choice of target younger age a new opportunity for third-party manufacturers? Will it limit the collection range of players and affect their enthusiasm for collecting? Is this really a huge help in reducing costs? Will FT control the cost of materials?

Let’s answer these two questions together. Since the establishment of Fans Toys Studio, the core goal of "making the toys we want" is. However, this does not mean that we can meet everyone's needs and requirements. As I mentioned at the beginning of the interview, I have never been in touch with industrial design and production, so it is as simple as I imagined, but after I really started to get in touch and made the first product, I could understand the hard work and difficulties involved . The same is true for toy design. For example, we can see many excellent structural designs and details in official designer interviews, but they are all canceled in actual products. This is the opposite between product design and production cost. contradiction. We also often have some very good ideas, but in the face of high production costs, we have to make some compromises. Fortunately, our cost control and profit requirements are not so strict, so we can realize more designs that are unlikely to appear on official toys, which is the biggest advantage of the third party. Due to the limitations of structure, space and production of transforming toys, sometimes we have to make some difficult choices in product design, such as the position of the arm hose of FT-03, whether it should be placed on the front or back of the forearm , We discussed this for a long time at the beginning. After referring to a lot of information, we found that in many settings, the hose is placed on the front. In addition, in order to ensure that the light part of the hand cannon is easy to assemble, we finally chose to put the The hose is placed on the front of the forearm. Later, because many players still wanted the hose to be placed at the back, we made an additional arm replacement accessory, but in this way, the light part of the hand cannon could not be retained. It is really not possible to have both. The glue stealing phenomenon that has been criticized by everyone in recent years is something that everyone hates. In fact, stealing glue is a necessary process in industrial production. It can not only reduce the amount of plastic materials used, but also effectively reduce the shrinkage of plastic parts caused by excessive shrinkage during cooling during the injection molding process, that is, appearing in toy parts surface concavity. Usually, we can hide the stealing glue in the hollow part through two parts that are plugged in, so that the outer surface of the toy can be more neat and beautiful, but the increase in the number of parts will directly lead to molds and molds. The cost of production and assembly has been greatly increased, so in order to reduce the cost, we can only expose the ugly plastic surface. Compared with the production of hundreds of thousands to millions of toys, the increased cost of parts to cover up the surface of stealing plastic is really not a big problem for the production of only a few thousand sets of third-party toys. Players can get Why not have a more perfect toy? Similarly, for the output of third-party toys, the cost savings on raw materials is very insignificant. Playability and durability are what we want. A toy that is as thin as paper or as brittle as rotten wood, how can people have the mood and courage to play with it? Of course, some friends think that our toy deformation design is too simple, but this is also our intention. A toy with a complex design does have a refreshing satisfaction and achievement when you play it for the first time, but after that, how many times will you pick it up and play with it? A toy with a relatively simple structure will be the one that stays in your hand longer.

9. The official fit is too young, and many fans are not satisfied with the design of most of the existing third-party fit King Kong with a V-level and 4 scouts. FT will continue this existing style to the fit King Kong ? Interested in developing blank characters for other series besides the classic anime? The direction of future product development, or the positioning of characters, is it convenient to disclose a little or two with fans.

Combination King Kong is not yet in our short-term product plan. On the one hand, we already have enough projects under planning and operation, and we don't have time to take care of him. On the other hand, for the proportion and size of our current products, the joint load-bearing and combination methods of Combination King Kong are very troublesome. We still want to continue to explore more experience in future products, hoping to provide you with Bring the most perfect combination King Kong. For the combination of one big and four small, the main goal of Fans Toys is to restore G1, so we should still retain this setting in the G1 animation.

I am very grateful to for providing this opportunity to communicate with you, thank you!

Below are some design sketches and renderings of FT(images within original interview)


As a 3rd Party company, they are often regarded number 1 among reviewers[108], in comparison with their closest competitor's figures[109][110][111][112][113] . For having high quality paint, and high durability ABS plastics, rubber tires, and diecast parts, noted in almost all their reviews. Giving them great heft, and feel, with a signature fragrance, most reviewers and first time buyers alike comment about. Their packaging materials, and attention to details, are very reminiscent, of the original product's design cues. They often outproduce their closest rivals, with the most new molds of MP scaled figures. Most complaints stem from overly cartoon stylized designs, which limit articulation. But are unquestionably good quality materials, and often remain favorites over those of better articulated figures. Even of those reviewers, which dislike the company, few claim their product's Quality Control standards are not some of the highest in the Industry. On each figure you find their signature green QC stickers, which many other companies have begun to imitate, in a current industry standard. It's rare to find issues in quality of their figures, to prove the stickers are not just for show. But for any figures that have defects or damage, their service and sales department, are some of the best of the 3rd Party Companies. They are generally quick to respond, and reciprocate with the parts in question. Given the figures age does not prevent a proper replacement.


  • Iohannes Vinci/Linework and GWCreations/coloring Fans Artbook Collection 1[114] 12-22
  • Iohannes Vinci/Linework and GWCreations/coloring Fans Artbook Collection 2[115] 02-23


Many rumors, and stories abound, about their business practices. Especially related to other companies releases, to compete, or mirror theirs in a similar timeframe. Some involve their prices being too high, or underproducing figures as a scheme to inflate prices. The company's transparency is in question. They disappeared off the forums and media boards. Going into privacy mode in general with very little communication to the customers. Other companies do not even communicate with their customer base, as a normal form of private business practice. They do not appear in the stock market exchange, or have to. Unless they are a publicly traded company with constituents that require updates to my knowledge. And many resellers, and retailers realize their products are generally underpriced, for the quality, and materials they provide. Most companies do release products when they know it's in demand, or that their rivals may be putting out a lesser product. Every company wants to beat their competition, that's the name of the game. Or you can not be number one.[116]


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