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Faith Leader
iGear character
Faith Leader box
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Species Transformer

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ST10 IN10 SP08 EN10

RN10 CO10 FB08 SK10

Faith Leader is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Optimus Prime created in 2010 by iGear.


Faith Leader is an homage to Generation 1 Optimus Prime created by iGear in 2010.

Other third-party Transformers inspired by Optimus Prime include Junkion Blacksmith's Justice Leader, Mastermind Creations Commander and Xovergen's Grand Patriot.


In August 2009 iGear posted images of the prototype of Faith Leader to their web site.[1]

In September 2009 images were found on the ACToys web site of a translucent version of Faith Leader.[2]

Faith Leader was released in April 2010.

In September 2010 iGear opened preorders for gold, silver and unpainted versions of Faith Leader on their web site.[3]

Promotional photos of the prototypes of iGear's Spray and Rager compared them to Faith Leader.


The TFormers Podcast for August 16th, 2009 discussed the Faith Leader prototype images in the news.[4]

The WTF@TFW podcast for December 12th, 2009 selected a picture of Faith Leader as one of the New Picture Picks.[5]

In January 2015 Machinema announced they had completed script writing for the Transformers: Combiner Wars series together with some behind-the-scenes photos, which showed several variations of Faith Leader in their collection.[6]


The biographies for iGear's Rager, Tubes and UFO mention Faith Leader. Rager once pulled his trailer. Tubes biography mentioned that not everyone can be a Faith Leader. Faith Leader sends UFO on all his space reconnaissance missions. The biography for Weapon Specialist mentions following a leader he has faith in.


  • iGear PP01 Faith Leader (2010)
A mold created by iGear and based on that used for Masterpiece Convoy. stands 20cm tall. Comes with two guns (one Optimus Prime and one Megatron), alternate head, energy axe and collector card. This toy was recolored into Clear Leader, Evil Leader, Nemesis Leader and Ultra Leader.
  • iGear PP01G Faith Leader Gold (2010)
A recolor of Faith Leader in gold. Comes with an XL size t-shirt. Limited to 50 pieces.
  • iGear PP01 Faith Leader Silver (2010)
A recolor of Faith Leader in silver. Limited to 50 pieces.
  • iGear PP01 2nd Faith Leader (2010)
After the initial run of Faith Leader sold out, a reissue was released in September 2010 with new accessories. This version came with optional Megatron and Orion Pax heads, a cape, and an extra rifle. The collector card depicts Faith Leader wearing a cape.



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