Diamond Joker Poker

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Diamond Joker Poker
Publisher(s) https://expanse.studio/
Series Games of chance, Gaming
Release date(s) 2020
Genre(s) Poker

Diamond Joker Poker is video poker game of the online casino game producer Expanse Studios, created in 2020.[1] Inspired by popular poker, hence, it was designed in line with the card game, with one addition, additional joker. [2]

Game Features

Diamond Joker Poker is a video poker game for a single player. It uses one deck of cards with 52 cards, with additional joker, making the number of cards a total of 53. Joker replaces all other cards and is considered the most favorable card. [3]


Thematically, Diamond Joker Poker has black background, with cards set before the game starts. Previous winnings are there as well, including buttons for setting stakes.

This is a video poker game comprised of two rounds, where five cards are dealt in the first round. Cards will be offered to the player and the player has the option to cancel the offer and pick other cards. After the completion of card selection, the second round starts. In case of a winning combination at the end of the second round, the player wins.

Odds for winnings are paid in different proportions, each current winning can also be doubled. Half of winnings can be doubled as well. Game doubling can be interrupted at any time, and you may return to the main game.

Diamond Joker Poker can be found at Meridian Gaming.


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