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Meridian Gaming
Industry Gaming
Parent Meridian Gaming Ltd

Meridian Gaming is a global provider of sports betting solutions. The company is a licensed gambling operator in South-East Europe with fully developed business in all gambling sectors and channels across betting shops all over the world.[1][2]


Meridian Gaming was founded in 2001. The company is fully owned by Meridian Gaming Ltd and registered in Malta under registration number C 41334.[3] Currently, the company operates in 18 countries across Europe, Africa and Latin America.[4]

Business Model

The majority of Meridian’s business is direct B2C. The company also has an indirect B2B franchise model where the group licences the use of proprietary sports betting technology to local partners that operate under the Meridian brand.[5]

Meridian's largest business portfolio is Sports Betting. The company delivers its sports betting and casino products both directly to customers (‘B2C’) through physical shops as well as online and also indirectly on a B2B basis through franchise and joint venture arrangements.[1]


Meridian Gaming partners with international corporations to deliver unique and exciting betting program to a worldwide audience. In March 2020, BetGames.TV, one of the leading iGaming suppliers, partnered with Meridianbet with the view of adding their contents on Meridianbet platforms. [6][7]

In May 2020, Playtech, the world’s leading gambling technology company, entered into partnership with Meridianbet with the view of offering its Casino content across all Meridianbet’s online platforms.[8][9]

In the same May 2020, Sports Information Services (SIS) strengthened its position within Balkan markets after securing a new partnership with Meridianbet.[10][11]

Products and services

Meridian Gaming operates through 993 betting shops and online betting platforms.[12] The primary focus on the company is on sports betting amidst other services such as casino and other fixed odds games.[13]

Meridian Gaming runs a proprietary technology which enables it to develop a scalable system that allows the offering of spotting betting services in multiple countries and currencies by leveraging the same technical and odds setting and risk management infrastructure.[14] In addition, Meridian runs a flexible omni-channel approach to markets, including retail, desktop online and mobile.[13]

Meridian Gaming offers a number of owned or licensed gaming products such as casino games, slots and roulette to its retail and online customers.[15]

Online operations

In addition to sports betting, Meridian Gaming also offers online casino game services which include approximately 600 third party games. Meridian is also adopting an online-only strategy for certain jurisdictions, including: Belgium, Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Greece and Columbia.[1]

Land Based Solution

Meridian Gaming offers a complete land based solutions known as "Meridian POS". It operates as a state-of-the-art land based point-of-sale solution designed to secure and streamline betting shops and their operations such as accepting bets, settling shop administration, reporting and tax returns.[1]

Meridian POS also provides registration, player tracking, depositing cash, loyalty programs, dynamic on-screen system, control expenses, accounting functions and much more. Meridian POS system personalizes and tracks all players, analyzes recorded history and quickly accesses this information whenever a player returns to bet on the counter.[1]

Meridianbet offers Self-Service Terminal for improving player interaction, customer loyalty, the amount of bets placed and customer experience. The service is fully integrated and controlled by the company's Sportsbook platform.[1]

Apple Watch App

Meridian Gaming is one of the first betting operators to release a dedicated Apple Watch software for its customers. The app helps users to keep up to date with live scores, receive notifications and enjoy betting on-the-go. The Apple Watch app is directly connected to the company's iOS platform. It allows users to manage their accounts and bets. [16]

Gambling principles

Meridian Gaming has responsible gambling policy which is based on the following principles:

  • Security of players and vulnerable groups
  • Security of the game
  • Protection against gaming addiction
  • Protection of minors


During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Meridian Gaming supported its host community in Malta by providing financial, technical and logistical support to residents in small and remote areas, hospitals, medical workers, food banks and day-care centres, with the main focus on the Balkan region and Cyprus.[17] The company assisted by offering financial donations and supported the procurement of medical equipment.[2]

Meridian Gaming also offered financial donations to the Malta-based DAR Bjorn organisation that improves the quality of life for people with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS0, Multiple sclerosis (MS) and other Neurological conditions.[2][18]

International expansion

Meridian Gaming has a strong track record of expanding into new jurisdictions both directly or indirectly through its franchise model. The company consonantly looks for opportunities to operate in regulated countries, and in countries where de-regulation opportunities are arising.[19]

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