Crazy Horses

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Crazy Horses
Series Games of chance, Gaming
Release date(s) 2019
Genre(s) Online slot

Crazy Horses is a web game of the online casino games producer Expanse Studios from Serbia that was created in 2019. [1][2][3] Since it is a web game, it was developed using standard web technologies, such as HTML5 technology, responsible for introducing media elements. For the reason it is a web game, Crazy Horses may be used without prior download to a computer, through the web browser. Additionally, Crazy Horses represents a game of chance, utilizing Random Number Generator (RNG) for random rounds regulation.

Game Specification and Interface

Crazy Horses is also an online casino game, and it also belongs to the group of, so-called, “video games”, that are characterized by low internet consumption and taking less space on the RAM computer memory. These are the games that have characteristic components, different from ones in slots or “table games”, and they include having special bets. This is a guessing game with elements of video games.

The game comprises of six options, represented by six horses, with odds 2, 3, 10, 18, 36 and 70. As with classic horse races, the goal is to guess a winner, which results in appropriate payment. Mentioned odds are calculated as multiplicators that are applied to stakes, which is the payoff.

One round of Crazy Horse lasts for a couple of seconds, and it starts by setting values of the bet on the dashboard, on the right. There is also a button X2, used to double the value of the bet, button X, that cancels the selected option, and button Auto play, for setting automatic mode, that starts up to 500 rounds.

Crazy Horses includes additional promotional tool in the form of progressive jackpot.


In accordance with the name of the game, Crazy Horses represents a game in which the main spot is occupied by six horses on the racetrack. Fast music, followed by the sound effects of bouncing wooden horses accompanies colorful graphics.

Crazy Horses can be found at Meridian Gaming.


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