Chainbill Splatterpus

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Chainbill Splatterpus
BMOG Toys character
Chainbill Splatterpus toy
Created by

Prize Inside
Species Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalt platypus


Alternate mode

Robotic platypus/a rebreather/blaster which serves as his seat of intelligence, two diamond-tipped chainsaws and a hat


"Heroes are built to take bad guys apart."

Chainbill Splatterpus is a fictional character and robot toy made by Prize Inside in 2017. He is a heroic robotic duckbill platypus who turns into two chainsaws and a rebreather/blaster.


Chainbill Splatterpus is a character from the BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts) toy line. He is not an homage to any existing character, but meant to be used as either a stand-alone figure, or as accessories to any toy capable of using 5mm port accessories, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Zoids Blox, and many others.


The concept of the Chainbill Splatterpus was first mentioned in an interview with Trent Troop on an episode of Good Morning, Cybertron! in December 2013.

In June 2014 BMOG Toys announced that Chainbill Splatterpus had been moved up to their second mold release, being gang-molded with Featherblight.[1]

During development the platypus mold went from being 2 chainsaws to 2 chainsaw and a blaster/rebreather and a hat.

In April 2015 BMOG Toys announced they would be teaming up with Nonnef Productions to produce Chainbill Splatterpus.[2]

In May 2015 BMOG Toys announced that the Chainbill Splatterpus would feature foil stickers made by Reprolabels.[3]

In December 2015 BMOG Toys announced that Nonnef Productions had declined to go further with the project, citing the destruction of the molds in the recent flooding of the Carolinas.[4]

In March 2017 BMOG Toys changed its name to Prize Inside. Chainbill Splatterpus was released on the their Shapeways store.


The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for December 8th, 2013 interviewed Trent Troop about BMOG, where he mentioned Ursenal, Mant-Axe, Featherblight, the Non-Dino Squad and Chainbill Splatterpus.[5]

The Transformers Toy News Recap podcast for April 13th, 2015 discussed Chainbill Splatterpus during the news.[6]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for March 13th, 2016 discussed Chainbill Splatterpus.[7]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for March 20th, 2016 discussed Chainbill Splatterpus, Featherblight and the Non-Dino Squad.[8]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for March 17th, 2017 discussed Chainbill Splatterpus, the Non-Dino Squad, Brainsaw and Featherblight.[9]

Fictional biography

The heroic Chainbill Splatterpus was brought to life when weapons made by a group of evil interdimensional arms dealers were exposed to the power of the last world seed. He is a member of the Augmentoids and rival of the evil Brainsaw. He breaks down into two chainsaws and a rebreather/blaster.

Made of leftover parts, the Chainbill Splatterpus packs swim trough iron swamps and debris-laiden spaceways with their diamond-tipped bills and tails. Often mistaken for mere pets, nearly every member of the species has some secret double life, be it as a secret agent, a mobster, old-timey reporter, and so forth.
Here comes Chainbill Splatterpus! - A multi-environment BMOG super-spy that splits into a pair of chainsaws, a rebreather/blaster weapon, and a snazzy hat!


  • Shapeways Prize Inside! BMOG Toys Chainbill Splatterpus (2017)
A new design by Trent Troop. Turns from a robotic duckbill platypus to two chainsaws, a rebreather tank/blaster and a hat.
Available on Shapeways in a variety of colors, including blue for Chainbill Splatterpus, purple for Monoscream and red for Slash-Or.[10]
Shares a design with the unreleased Atomic Splatterpus.
Pieces of Chainbill Splatterpus are used in the design of Slumberjack.



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