CIA torture sites, by color

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The United States Senate Intelligence Committee published a 600 page summary of its report on the CIA's use of torture.[1][2]

Prior to its release journalists who follow the USA's were aware that the CIA had assigned a color code to each torture site.[1] The Senate report enabled these journalists to associate the torture sites with their color codes.

CIA torture sites, by color

CIA torture sites, by color[1][3]
codename alternate
location opened closed notes
Black Romania
Blue Quartz Stare Kiejkuty, Poland
Brown Afghanistan
Cobalt the salt pit Afghanistan
Green Thailand 2002-03-31
Indigo Guantanamo
Maroon Guantanamo
Orange Afghanistan
Violet Lithuania

This could be an additional site in one of the above countries, or someplace entirely different. It is mentioned only once in the report, on page 140 of 499, and the entry is almost entirely redacted.