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The Terrorcons are a Transformers faction in several continuities within the franchise.


Generation 1

Animated series

The Transformers featured the Terrorcons as a Decepticon Combiner team who could unite to form Abominus. Like the Protectobots, their origin was not featured in the series, though they apparently joined the Decepticon forces prior to the creation of the Technobots, who would become their nemeses. In the episode "Money is Everything," the Terrorcons were used by the Quintessons to attack an Earth Defense Command base on Titan, but were driven off by the Technobots.

Marvel Comics

Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

In Transformers: Energon, the Terrorcons were an army of bestial Transformers created by Alpha Q, having previously been the inhabitants of worlds consumed by Unicron. Like the Omnicons, they had the ability to interact with raw Energon without harm, and were employed to harvest Energon so that Unicron could be restored and his power employed to recreate all the planets he had devoured. In this capacity they operated under the command of Scorponok, and eventually various Decepticons who were recruited by him: Tidal Wave, Demolishor, and Cyclonus. However, two of the Terrorcon factions-the Battle Ravages and Divebombs-fell under the control of Megatron after he revived himself by stealing some of the Energon recovered by the Terrorcons. Alpha Q responded by creating the Cruellocks, but these and the later Insecticons also fell under Megatron's sway.

The Terrorcons would continue to serve as the Decepticon foot soldiers through the remainder of Energon, collecting Energon and battling the Autobots at Megatron's behest. He also attempted to use them to harvest Super Energon, but its properties destroyed many of them and caused the rest to grow to gigantic size. At this point in time the Terrorcons demonstrated a degree of loyalty, as they sacrificed some of their newfound power to repair their commander, Scorponok.


Shattered Glass

In the Transformers: Shattered Glass universe, the Terrorcons are a heroic team who often fight the Technobots, though on at least one occasion they would be called upon to face the monstrous Omega Doom.


Generation 1

Unicron Trilogy