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Stockade is the name of several characters from various branches of the Transformers franchise.

Transformers: Universe

Transformers character
Name Stockade
Series Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Cybertronian tank
Partner Magna Stampede, Prowl, and Terradive
Sub-group Basic Vehicles

3H Enterprises

Although he has not appeared in any fiction or receive his own bio, he was mentioned in an unreleased bio intended to be put up on the official Transformers website for his partner Magna Stampede which describes Stockade to be somewhat cautistic and brutish Autobot.[1]


  • Universe Basic Stockade (2004)
The first Transformers toy with the name Stockade is a vermillion and mustard yellow redeco of the Beast Machines toy Tank Drone packaged with his teammate Magna Stampede and Mini-Cons Prowl and Terradive.


Transformers character
Name Stockade
Series Transformers
Alternate modes Cadillac Escalade
Partner Starscream
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles

Stockade is the name of a character from the Transformers 2007 movie and toy line.[2]

Stockade was an enforcer back on Cybertron; threatening neutral Cybertronians to stay neutral or punishing them. He was one of the Decepticons who was brought to Earth by Starscream & the other surviving Decepticons.

According to the biography printed in the collected Reign of Starscream books Stockade is a thug who relished his job as forman of a Decepticon work gang.

Movie plot

Stockade's alternate mode is based on an SUV used by Sector 7. It is also remarkably similar in shape to the SUV of the girl whose steering wheel came alive.

IDW Publishing

Stockade appeared as a Decepticon working for Starscream on Cybertron in the Reign of Starscream series.

Titan Magazines

Note: Stories from the alternate universe where Megatron won the battle for the Allspark are in italics.

Stockade appeared in issue #17 of the Titan Transformers Magazine, in a story called "Return to Cybertron: Part 1." In this story he led the "New Decepticons" on Cybertron.


  • Transformers Deluxe Stockade (2007)
The second Stockade is a black Decepticon Cadillac Escalade. Stockade has a Sector 7 insignia on his vehicle mode as well as his Decepticon insignia on his robot mode. As with other toys in the "Allspark Power" range, Stockade has blue parts to signify the Allspark's power.[3]
The Stockade toy measures 13 centimeters long in vehicle mode, while an actual Escalade measures 514 centimeters long. This gives it a scale of about 1/40 scale. With these measurements Stockade would stand about 17 feet tall.
Some third party label makers have produced stickers to convert Stockade into a homage to the Generation 1 Autobot Trailbreaker.

Transformers: Universe (Armada)

Transformers character
Name Stockade
Series Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Triceratops
Partner Ransack, Sky Shadow, Overcharge, and Windrazor
Sub-group Mini-Cons

Part of a Transformers: Universe Armada series 10-pack.[4]

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Transformers character
Name Stockade
Series Transformers: Robots in Disguise
English voice actor Gregg Berger
Japanese voice actor Hisao Egawa
Alternate modes Army Jeep
Function General
Motto "You may consider your nonexistent options."
Partner Major Mayhem Mini-Cons

Stockade is the name of a character from the 2015 animated series, Transformers: Robots in Disguise. This version is a decorative Decepticon general with a badger-motif robot mode, where he leads an army of Cyclone Mini-Cons called Major Mayhems.


Stockade and his army debuted in the episode "Graduation Exercises", where he had stumbled across one of Windblade's supply caches after the priosoner ship Alchemor was crashed where he was incarcerated for staging a Military Coup back on Cybertron. Stockade issued an ultimatum to the divided Autobots: if they offered the cache, he would spare their lives. Following a battle with Optimus Prime, Stockade and his troops were later put back into stasis.