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Magna Stampede is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers series.

Transformers: Universe

Transformers character
Name Magna Stampede
Series Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Technorganic Unicorn
Function Imperial Guard
Motto "Our lives are predestined by the Matrix, as well as our deaths"
Partner Stockade
Sub-group Basic Beasts

Guarding the palatial estates of the High Council of the Elders on Cybertron is a position not many Autobots have the opportunity to hold during their long lives. Almost a birthright, only members of select houses on Cybertron are able to submit applications to join this elite guard. Magna Stampede comes from such a group and takes his role as protectorate very seriously. Having to withstand attacks from not only Maximal and Predacon, Magna Stampede's role expanded to include defensive countermeasures against the recently returned Autobots and Decepticons. With his diminutive size already seen as a handicap, Magna Stampede must utilise his vast intellect, keen mind and rigid training to combat any approaching menace to the Council. His techno-organic nature serves as a counterbalance to the resurrected technological aspect of the planet, as seen by his sentry partner - the caustic and somewhat brutish Stockade. In beast mode, his armored horn can puncture and tear through almost anything that stands in his way. In robot mode, Magna Stampede wields a vibro-scythe that can slice through most Cybertronian armor. It can also be used to fire cones of ultrasonic frequencies that can shatter the sensors of unwary aggressors.



  • Transformers: Universe Magna Stampede (2004)
Magna Stampede was one of four toys of a $20 "Ultra" pack which also included fellow Autobot Stockade and the Mini-Cons Prowl and Terradive. Magna Stampede was repainted from a Beast Machines toy named Battle Unicorn originally created in 2001 which was, as his name suggests, a Unicorn but now with a color scheme similar to that of a Zebra. The pack he came in was received with a large amount of criticism - it was considered poor value for money: two basic sized toys and two Mini-Cons did not justify the price tag. Magna Stampede did not appear in any fiction.[1] This mold was briefly considered for use as a convention exclusive, "Twilight Sparkle Prime," an intended homage to the similarly named character from one of Hasbro's other properties, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


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