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Transformers character
Prime Robots in Disguise Voyager Starscream box
First appearance

Transformers: War for Cybertron video game, 2010
Voiced by

Steven Blum (Prime TV series)
Sam Riegel (War for Cybertron)
John Kassir (Universe online game, Fall of Cybertron)
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Cybertronian jet, Earth fighter jet (based on F-16 Fighting Falcon)

Sabotage Specialist


Transformers: Arms Micron
Transformers: Generations
Transformers: Prime
Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters
Transformers: Prime First Edition

Cyberverse Commanders, Deluxe vehicles, Seekers, Voyagers
Tech specs

ST08 IN07 SP09 EN06

RN09 CO03 FB09 SK10

Starscream is a fictional character in the Transformers series. He is a high ranking Decepticon in the Transformers: Prime story. he first appeared in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Transformers: Prime

Starscream is one of the main group of Decepticons in the 2010 computer animated series Transformers: Prime. In this series, he is a much darker character like his Unicron Trilogy Counterpart.

He has displayed a contempt for Decepticons who do not choose a flying alternate mode, like Knockout.

Fictional biography

Cyberverse biography: Sneaky Starscream always has a plan. He builds his plots, layer on layer, for months or years - and all with one goal: to take over command of the Decepticons and finally destroy the Autobots once and for all.

First Edition biography: This military fighter jet is Megatron's right-hand man. Starscream would rather sneak up on his victims than face them head-on, which makes him extra-dangerous. He's an expert planner, and that's one reason Megatron keeps him around. Starscream always shows respect to his general, but he's really just waiting for a chance to take command of the Decepticons himself.

Ultimate Opponents biography: With his grip on power weakening, Megatron finds himself vulnerable for the first time. Starscream is there to take advantage of it. But with leadership within his reach, Starscream must still deal with Bumblebee and the Autobots - a truly tough opponent to overcome.

Robots in Disguise biography: Starscream hasn't survived this long simply by running away every time he might lose a fight. Every retreat is a calculated risk, designed to fulfill a greater purpose. It is often when his enemies believe they are winning that Starscream turns and finishes them off.

Animated series

In the flashback episode "Out of the Past", it shows Starscream in charge of the Nemesis (apparently Megatron is away at this time). His troops capture Arcee and Cliffjumper, who he intends to interrogate for a secret incripted message. He tries every form of interrogation on the Autobots, but is unsuccessful. Soundwave suggests for him to take the prisoners to Shockwave, who they are meant to deliver energon to. At first Starscream is reluctant, but ultimately agrees. He takes the Autobots to Kaon where he meets up with Shockwave, who is able to extract the message with a Cordical Psychic Patch, which is from Optimus Prime to the Autobots about his current location.

Since Megatron's disappearance, Starscream was leading the Deceptions. Eventually after Megatron is seemingly killed when their Space Bridge Gate exploded, Starscream eagerly takes over as leader. However, he later discovers in "Masters and Students"-after awakening Skyquake, who refuses to accept him as leader-that Megatron has barely survived, thanks to the power of a Dark Energon shard he had previously embedded in his Spark chamber. Hoping to finish off Megatron and secure his claim to leadership, Starscream removes the shard while they are floating in the debris of the spacebridge explosion that was thought to have killed Megatron. However, when they returned to base, Megatron was stabilized and let in a sort of coma-his body was inert, but his mind remained active.[1]

Starscream's schemes would mainly revolve around locating the Autobot base, and stockpiling on Energon. He tries to find the Autobot base with shape-shifter Makeshift, though he is eventually caught in his deception by the Autobots. In "Convoy", he sends a squad of Vehicons to defeat the Autobots, again ending in failure. In "Deus ex Machina", the crew is dissatisfied with Megatron's slow recovery, so they vote to bring Knock Out and Breakdown to the ship to do better repairs. Starscream later attempts to use an Energon Harvester to collect Energon easily, but is thwarted by Bulkhead. In "Speed Metal", he is angered by Knock Out's participation in human street races, and punishes his subordinate by scratching into Knock Out's paint job, much to the narcissic and image-sensitive Decepticon's horror.

In "Sick Mind", Starscream believes the only way forward for the Decepticons is to kill the comatose Megatron, and offers Knock Out the post of second-in-command if he convinces Soundwave to pull the plug on Megatron. However, though Soundwave appears convinced, Starscream discovers Bumblebee and Arcee on board the Nemesis escaping, and while Arcee severs Megatron's life support, Soundwave silently yet clearly angrily makes Starscream replug Megatron, as to not let their leader die by an Autobot's hand. Knock Out later reported that whatever the Autobots did to Megatron, it left him brain-dead. Overjoyed by this, Starscream decides to start his official tenure as leader in "Out of his Head" by melting a glacier to uncover a cache of Energon. However, his efforts are thwarted by the Autobots, and Megatron-restored after possessing Bumblebee and recovering another shard of Dark Energon-quickly punishes his treacherous lieutenant.

In "Shadowzone", he is badly damaged as a result of Megatron's punishment, but he still has the shard of Dark Energon he ripped from Megatron's chest. Leaving the Nemesis, he breaks the shard in half, inserting one piece into his Spark chamber while using the other to resurrect Skyquake as a Terrorcon loyal to him. However, his efforts are thwarted by the arrival of the Autobots, and he ends up losing his arm and and Skyquake. Returning to the Nemesis, he demands that Knock Out provide a replacement arm, and the medic suggests upgrading his weaponry with a Null Ray (a nod to the weapon used by Starscream's G1 counterpart. After removing the shard and discovering that Skyquake is apparently active-having been transported to another dimension-Starscream leaves to retrieve him, only to be damaged further by the Terrorcon's severed arm. In the next episode, "Operation: Breakdown", he has fully recovered from the incident. Starscream led a secret rescue of Breakdown after he was captured by MECH, against Megatron's orders. The purpose of the rescue was to leave Breakdown in debt and to consider whether to choose either Megatron or Starscream as leader of the Decepticons.

In "Rock Bottom", it becomes apparent that Starscream has been hoarding Energon from an energon mine, and Megatron has been well aware of Starscream's endeavours before and since "Shadowzone" (but he does not appear aware of Starscream's role in rescuing Breakdown), and has spared him because he has found Starscream's actions amusing; but Megatron has tired of Starscrean's predictable treachery, and has only brought him to an isolated Energon mine to execute him. Starscream escapes Megatron's wrath when Jack and Arcee arrive, but in the ensuing cave-in, Starscream has no choice.

In "Partners", he states that he is only loyal to Megatron, and wants nothing more to do than be his trustworthy second-in-command. He leads Airachnid to the location of a long crashed Decepticon ship, the Harbinger, in search of a prototype weapon, however she betrays Starscream and leaves him for the Autobots. Starscream then tells the Autobots that he wants to join them.

Starscream returns in the season 2 premiere "Orion Pax" Parts 1 and 2. Optimus Prime, who lost his memories and now thinks he's Orion Pax and a Decepticon, asks Megatron what happen to Starscream. Megatron told him that he is dead. Later, when some Vehicons return to the "Nemesis", Starscream follows them. He kills the Vehicons who attempted to arrest him and steals energon from the ship. When trying to hide from other Decepticons, he ends up in the room Optimus is in. Not knowing what has happened, he prepares to fire at him. Surprised to see Prime confused, Starscream laid seeds of doubt within Optimus' mind, claiming that Megatron is deceiving him, before being forced to flee. However in his escape he was shot down. Wounded in his leg and leaking energon, Starscream contacted the Autobots, intending to give them information on Optimus's condition, only they were all too aware of what was happening, so Starscream gave them the location of the new Space Bridge in exchange for medical attention.

In the two-part "Operation Bumblebee", Starscream can get energon to fuel himself and MECH can use it to mass produce their own transformers. Their alliance is broken however when Starscream has to destroy Bumblebee's T-cog which Silas needed for an experiment. MECH betrays him and steals his own T-cog.

In "Crossfire", Starscream comes across an Insecticon while looking for energon. The Insecticon decides to serve Airachnid, and Starscream gives Airachnid the idea of using the Insecticon to kill Megatron, Starscream's attempt to form a partnership leads to her sicking the monster on him. Starscream is wounded, and contacts the Autobots to exchange information for medical treatment, lying that Airachnid was intending to use the Insecticon to attack humans. Starscream later uses his missiles on Airachnid during her fight with Arcee to settle his debut with the Autobot.

Later, Starscream returns to the "Harbinger" to search for Energon, and instead stumbles upon a laboratory containing five Protoforms. Creating clones of himself, astonished to find them with functional T-Cogs, Starscream sends them to the Nemesis to assassinate Megatron. However, Starscream learns he can feel his clones' pain when one is killed by Bulkhead while three more are slaughtered by Megatron during the attack on the ship by Airachnid's Insecticons. The last clone returns to the Harbringer with the intention of killing his creator to win Megatron's mercy. But Starscream knew this and kills the clone first, taking his T-Cog to replace his own.

Skittish of performing the operation, Starscream puts it on halt when he sees that four Decepticon tracking signals have activated. He uses the Harbinger's remote control ground bridge to reach Antarctica and travel on a Decepticon speeder before being captured by a Decepticon platoon under his replacement Dreadwing-whom Starscream mistakes for his late brother Skyquake-and then later by Optimus as both parties are searching for the relic known as the Apex Armor. Starscream takes the Apex Armor and equips it while Optimus and Dreadwing fight, and nearly defeats them both, but when they combine forces, they destroy the ice beneath Starscream causing him to fall.

Starscream returns in the episode "New Recruit", as he is using the internet to search for any useful Cybertronian artifacts. He discovers a picture of a construction sight where humans have uncovered Red Energon, a special type of Energon that will allow him to travel at hyperspeed. He goes to the construction sight to discover that the red energon is not there. He later goes to a dock where the Autobots are about to retrieve it. With the Apex Armor he defeats Optimus and Bumblebee, but the new Autobot Smokescren arrives later. He uses the phase shifter to get Starscream out of the Apex Armor, but Starscream uses his missile to destroy the crane to distract Smokescreen while he took the Red Energon and disappeared.[2]

Starscream returned once again in the episode "Hard Knocks", where he is annoyed with the fact that red energon is harder to liquify than regular energon, and is later displeased with the results only showing enough for two doses at the most. He then sees that a Decepticon tracking beacon activated, and he decides to take whatever relic they are searching for to make up for losing the Apex Armor. He attacks Smokescreen at hyperspeed when he unearths the relic, and later learns from a conversation between Bulkhead and Smokescreen, that the relic he took was an Omega Key, one of four keys that had the power to restore Cybertron to its former glory.

In "Inside Job", Starscream is pleased with having his Omega Key and pictures him restoring Cybertron and being its one true ruler. He soon realizes that he had no working warship or army, just his lair in the Harbinger. He forms up a plan, and contacts the Autobots, arranging a trade of his Omega Key for a T-cog to restore his flight. He tricks the Autobots with a dead clone of himself and rushes into the ground bridge with his red energon. He steals the other three Omega Keys and takes off. The red energon does wear off, and he rushes back to the Harbinger through his ground bridge. Later, he manages to get aboard the Nemesis, and offers Megatron all four Omega Keys.

In "Patch", Megatron is impressed with Starscream's success of obtaining the Omega Keys, and Starscream asks for Megatron to allow him to become a Decepticon again in return for it. Megatron decides to enter Starscream's mind, to see if he was worthy to become a Decepticon again. He sees many of Starscream's plans to overthrow him and also analyzes Starscream's strengths and weaknesses. Eventually he discovers that Starscream is not the only untrustworthy Decepticon on the Nemesis, as he discovers Knock Out's part in trying to terminate him while he was in stasis. After everything, Megatron decides to allow Starscream to serve by his side, as he is better with him than against him. Megatron also pointed that the Decepticons are best to restore and rule Cybertron, but only if they act together with unity and cooperation rather than feuding themselves for power. Starscream is relieved by the turn of events, but is unaware the Dreadwing has become aware of the role Starscream played in his brother's demise and subsequent transformation into a Terrorcon.

In "Regeneration", Starscream's T-cog is restored by Knock Out. He is pleased with the results, but it is short-lived when Dreadwing attacks him to avenge his brother. Megatron however saves Starscream by shooting Dreadwing's spark out. As a result, Starscream is made Megatron's second-in-command once again, but is warned by Megatron, who tells him never to make him regret sparing him. While trying to find the Omega Lock with Knock Out, he gets frustrated and scratches Knock Out's paint job in rage. The Decepticons attempt to fight with the keys, but discover that the keys form a map when fused together. They both presented this to Megatron, who then orders the Decepticons to head over to the space bridge for Cybertron. During the journey to Cybertron to find the Omega Lock, Megatron leaves Starscream in charge of the Nemesis.

In "Darkest Hour", Starscream has locked the space bridge for Earth, and Megatron uses the Omega Lock to transform, and in turn wipe out all humans. But Optimus breaks free and destroys the Omega Lock. Starscream then becomes enraged with Optimus's actions. Starscream later attacks the Autobots on Earth with his own personal armada of vehicons. He even personally shoots down Wheeljack, seemingly killing him, and confirms the destruction of the Autobot base, much to Megatron's delight.


Starscream appears in the short story Bumblebee at Tyger Pax By Alex Irvine.[3]

Starscream appears in the novel Transformers: Exodus,[4] and its sequel, Transformers: Exiles.


War for Cybertron Starscream art

Starscream appears as a playable Decepticon character in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron, voiced by Sam Riegel.

In the Decepticon campaign, Starscream starts out as a Seeker guarding Dark Energon, but when Megatron immerses himself in Dark Energon, he quickly allies himself under the Decepticon leader, hoping to learn from him the ways of controlling Dark Energon. Starscream – along with Skywarp and Thundercracker – are assigned to reactivate the Energon Bridge that connects his space station to Cybertron. He serves Megatron for the remainder of the game as leader of the Decepticon aerial forces, retaking his former title of Sky Commander, and at one point even attempts to usurp leadership of the Decepticons when it is believed that Megatron is killed in action by Omega Supreme. He is by Megatron's side when the Decepticon commander completely infects Cybertron's core with Dark Energon.

In the Autobot campaign, Starscream is a boss fought by Optimus, Ratchet and Bumblebee who leads an assault on the Autobot city of Iacon. He retreats after being defeated personally by Optimus.

Starscream appears as a level boss in the Nintendo DS video game Transformers: War for Cybertron Decepticons, where he is defeated by the Decepticons at Trypticon, but survives by begging to live and swearing to serve Megatron. After this point in the game, Starscream and Skywarp become playable characters.

Starscream appears in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.


  • Prime First Edition Deluxe Starscream (2011)
A new mold of Starscream from the Prime animated series.[5]
This toy was remolded into Timelines Slipstream.
  • Prime Cyberverse Commander Starscream (2012)
A new mold.[6]
  • Prime Deluxe Dark Energon Starscream (2012)
A recolor of Prime First Edition Deluxe Starscream.
  • Prime Voyager Starscream (2012)
A Voyager class figure of Starscream is set for release in 2012.[7]
  • Arms Micron Voyager Starscream with Gul (2012)
A recolor of Prime Voyager Starscream with a new Arms Micron partner named Gul who turn from robotic eagle to weapon.
  • Generations Deluxe Starscream (2013)
Announced at CybertronCon 2012, this figure is based on the Starscream's appearance in the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron video game.[8] This toy was repurposed as Generation 1 Starscream in the IDW comic stories.
  • Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Starscream (2013)
Comes with the Thunder Talon weapon.
  • Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Starscream (2013)



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