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Skyquake is the name of several Decepticon characters in the Transformers series.

Generation 1

Skyquake (also known as Crash or Scrash) is the leader of a Decepticon sub-unit known as the Predators.

Operation Combination

In Transformers: Operation Combination, mention was made of Scrash, who was apparently Skyquake with a name combining both his English and French designations.


Fun Publications

In the Transformers: Wings of Honor storyline, Skyquake was part of a group of Decepticons that also included Leozack and Hellbat, all of them prototype Decepticons.

"Ask Vector Prime" revealed that the Machine Wars Starscream obtained his form when his Spark possessed the body of the fallen Skyquake, which enabled him to defeat Galvatron as indicated by a piece featuring him in Genesis: The Art of Transformers.[1]

IDW Publishing

In Transformers: Megatron Origin, Skyquake joined Megatron following his defeat of Clench, Skyquake's former master. He would later appear in The Last Stand of the Wreckers, where he met his end during a battle at the Garrus-9 prison in which he crossed paths with Overlord.


  • Hasbro Transformers Predator Skyquake (1992)
A mold that was recolored into Machine Wars Starscream and Transformers: Universe King Atlas.
  • Transformers Timelines Deluxe Skyquake (2009)
A recolor of Energon Starscream, packaged with Banzai-Tron.

Shattered Glass

Transformers character
Name Skyquake
Alternate modes Jet

A Shattered Glass version of Skyquake was seen as one of Optimus Prime's grisly trophies.

Transformers: Prime

Skyquake is a Decepticon, and the brother of Dreadwing.


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