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Fellbat (called Hellbat in Japan) is a Decepticon and member of the Breast Force.

Transformers: Generation 1

Animated series

The most duplicitous member of the Breast Force-even more so than commander Leozack-Hellbat joined his comrades under Deathsaurus' command on Earth after stealing vital information on the planet's energy resources. He would spent the remainder of the series alternatively ingratiating himself with either Leozack or Deathsaurus in an effort to improve his own position, much to Leozack's annoyance. He went so far as to attack the planet Micro with the aid of mercenaries Blue Bacchus and Black Shadow, only to have his schemes foiled by Star Saber and Greatshot. After the team liberated Gaihawk from Micro's prison moon, Hellbat learned that he was to be replaced with the incoming Deathcobra, and thus left to meet him in hopes of persuading the veteran fighter not to join the others. When Deathcobra refused, Hellbat attempted to intimidate him into leaving, only to end up in a firefight that resulted in Deathcobra being fatally wounded.

Thinking quickly, and taking advantage of the arrival of Autobot Micromasters Stakeout and Clipper with Jan Minakaze, Hellbat convinced the other Breast Force members that the Autobots had murdered their comrade. The group soon attacked the Autobots, and when Star Saber arrived, Leozack took took it as confirmation of Hellbat's claims, and the group formed Liokaiser to challenge the Autobot leader. Eventually Hellbat and his comrades perished after being knocked into the main aperture of Deathsaurus' Fortress by Victory Leo in their combined form, which sent them hurtling through space to crash land on a distant planet.


  • Takara Transformers Hellbat (1989)
Figure transforms into a jet fighter and comes with a breastplate that transforms into a robotic Bat; this mold has not been reused.
  • Combiner Wars Platinum Edition Liokaiser (unreleased)
A Combiner Wars set that features Fellbat as a remold and recolor of Firefly.

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