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Transformers character
Name Emirate Xaaron
Series Transformers: Generation 1

Emirate Xaaron was a fictional character in the Transformers series, created by writer Simon Furman.


Marvel Comics

Emirate Xaaron initially appeared only in the Marvel UK continuity, but later appeared in US issues after Furman took over writing duties on that title. His first appearance was in a story in the 1985 annual, set in the past on Cybertron, whilst his first appearance in the present day continuity was in Transformers UK issue #78, in the prologue to the well received 11 issue story arc, Target: 2006. He was not based on any toy, nor did he appear in any cartoon series.

Xaaron was one of the oldest Transformers and was regarded by some to be the greatest peacetime leader in Cybertronian history, a role filled by Alpha Trion in the original cartoon series. His alternate mode was never seen (it was stated in one UK issue that Xaaron had not transformed for so long that the resultant shock of trying could kill him). The one time Xaaron was seen to attempt to transform was in self defence, hinting his alternate mode may have some form of weaponry. It was then stated in the special 200th issue of the UK Transformers comic that is alternate mode was of a "small combat tank of cybertronian design". It was he that originally pushed for control of the Autobot forces to be given over to Optimus Prime, after realising that over-bureaucratisation of the Autobot army was doing more damage than the Decepticons.

After the Ark crew left Cybertron and the planet fell into the hands of Trannis' Decepticons, Xaaron became the leader of the Autobot underground resistance, which included the commando team, the Wreckers. His first major operation was to have Trannis assassinated, which backfired as Straxus came to power.

Xaaron's first major appearance was in Target: 2006 where he offered himself up as bait in order to lure ten of the Decepticons deadliest killers into a trap. They would then be wiped out by the Wreckers, and a general Autobot uprising. However the plan was scuppered when Ultra Magnus, who was to hold off Decepticon reinforcements while the Wreckers annihilated the Decepticons, headed to Earth to investigate the disappearance of Optimus Prime (who had in reality been displaced to a limbo dimension by the arrival of Galvatron). Xaaron also had to contend with the belligerent Impactor, who threatened to withdraw the Wreckers from the operation. Xaaron, however, cannily manipulated him into taking part by reminding him of the glory he'd lose if Magnus returned in time and he wasn't ready. However, Megatron's calling the Insecticons to Earth scuppered the plan, as the Decepticons called off their offensive in fear of Megatron's wrath. One Decepticon, Macabre, was determined to assassinate Xaaron, but Impactor took the shot instead, dying in the Emirate's arms.

Xaaron went on to appear in many of Furman's UK stories. When Optimus Prime returned to Cybertron, Xaaron sent the Wreckers and Magnus after him, believing him to be a Decepticon spy. Eventually, Optimus Prime surrendered on the condition that the wounded Outback receive medical treatment; his compassion and selflessness convinced Xaaron of his true identity. Xaaron later appeared taking a personal role to combat the mad Flame's plan to turn Cybertron into a Warworld, and saw the Wreckers off on their mission to Earth to apprehend Galvatron, which was to fail.

When Simon Furman took over the Marvel US Transformers comics from Bob Budiansky, he introduced many of the elements from his UK run, including Xaaron. Xaaron appeared as head of the resistance on Cybertron, which was boosted by the arrival of the Classic Pretenders - Bumblebee, Jazz and Grimlock. Unfortunately a battle between them and their Decepticon counterparts, the Mayhem Attack Squad, resulted in the accidental awakening of Primus. Knowing that Unicron would now come, Xaaron sent the Classic Pretenders to locate the Creation Matrix, although they ran afoul of Thunderwing. Unicron sent a Herald ahead of him to cause chaos - a version of Galvatron stolen from a parallel timeline. This Galvatron sought out Xaaron, destroying the Autobot Headquarters before finally catching up with him. However, Galvatron did not destroy him - he chafed at being controlled by Unicron and wanted to see if he could be destroyed. Xaaron reluctantly took him to Primus's chamber, where they were attacked by Unicron's other minions Hook, Line and Sinker. Galvatron held them off, as Xaaron awoke Primus. Primus then awoke and used Xaaron's body as a host, teleporting all the Transformers to Cybertron. When Unicron came, Primus/Xaaron attempted to stop him, but he was completely destroyed by the Chaos-Bringer. Luckily, Optimus Prime used the Matrix to destroy Unicron.

Aligned Continuity

Ruination, the Wreckers remold of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Bruticus, has a head sculpt resembling Emirate Xaaron.

Fun Publications

A somewhat delusional version of Scrounge who ended up in Axiom Nexus claimed to be Xaaron, but also claimed to possess a Matrix of Leadership.

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