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Earth is a real-world planet with several fictitious counterparts in the various branches of the Transformers franchise, most often serving as one of the battlegrounds-if not the main battleground-between warring factions of Transformers.


Generation 1

Animated series

In The Transformers, the Autobots and Decepticons under Optimus Prime and Megatron crash-landed on Earth millions of years before the present day after the Decepticons boarded the Ark, with the Nemesis crash-landing elsewhere on the planet. While Autobots and Decepticons slept in stasis, the planet was visited by an alien race known as the Vok, who seeded the planet with Energon and powerful artifacts. Their alterations would conceal the planet's identity when two crews of Maximals and Predacons, descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons from the future, arrived on the planet aboard the Axalon and the Darkside. The truth would eventually be learned, and Predacon leader Megatron would set out to alter the future by eliminating the stasis-bound Optimus Prime. Fortunately, the Maximals were able to minimize the damage caused to the timeline, and soon returned to the future leaving Earth's history to unfold as intended.

The Autobots and Decepticons were eventually awakened by volcanic activity in the Earth year 1984, and the two factions soon renewed their conflict with the human race also becoming involved.

Over the course of some decades, the Autobots and humanity formed even stronger ties, with the Earth Defense Command being formed to work alongside the Autobots in defending the planet. The Autobots also established Autobot City as a base of operations on Earth, only to have it be devastated by a Decepticon attack that saw the death of Optimus Prime. Fortunately, Rodimus Prime soon rose to challenge the threat of Megatron's new identity, Galvatron, with Earth continuing to be caught up in their conflict.

Marvel Comics




Robots in Disguise

Animated series

In Robots in Diguise, Cybertron and Earth have ancient and mysterious connections, with Fortress Maximus having been sent there long ago to safeguard Earth's energy resources. Additionally, the O-Parts were sent to Earth during the Golden Age of Cybertron, as were a crew of Autobots who went into stasis and were eventually reborn as Scourge and the Commandos. Optimus Prime and Megatron's forces eventually arrived here as well, with the Predacons seeking to claim Earth's energy for themselves while the Autobots tried to stop them. Unlike Generation 1, the Autobots made no effort to ally with humans, and though their actions in defending the Earth were known they kept their home base secret and moved covertly.

Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

In Transformers: Armada, Earth became the hiding place of numerous Mini-Cons after they fled Cybertron and the war between Autobots and Decepticons.

In Transformers: Energon, Earth was discovered to have deposits of Energon, which the Autobots and humans sought to mine with the aid of the Omnicons.

In Transformers: Cybertron, Earth turned out to be one of the worlds to which the Cyber Planet Keys had been scattered eons ago.


Fun Publications


Cartoon series

Unlike most continuities, the Earth of Transformers: Animated has advanced into the twenty-second century A.D. and developed advanced robotics and genetics, the former due in part to Isaac Sumdac's reverse-engineering of Cybertronian technology gleaned from Megatron.



Aligned Continuity

Animated series

In Transformers: Rescue Bots, the titular Rescue Bots landed on Earth after their ship was summoned to the planet by Optimus Prime's signal to all Autobots.

In Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Bumblebee takes charge of an Autobot team on Earth after the prison ship Alchemor crash lands on the planet due to Megatronus' actions.