Bullhorn (Keith's Fantasy Club)

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Keith's Fantasy Club character
Keith's Fantasy Club Bullhorn toy
Created by

Keith's Fantasy Club
Release number

WI-CON 001
Species Transformer


The Herd
Alternate mode

Robotic bull

Leader of the Herd

Bullhorn is a fictional character and original third-party Transformer created by Keith's Fantasy Club in 2014.

Keith's Fantasy Club

Bullhorn is an original third-party Transformer character. He is not related to the Transformers character called Bullhorn.


Bullhorn was commissioned by TFW2005 member thielmj as a mid-west themed recolor of Rhinohorn for Minicon 2014.

Bullhorn was released in March 2014.

Fictional biography

After the great war between the Gentle WI-Cons and the Ravenous ButcherBots. Bullhorn and his trusted team relinquished their battle forms for a more peaceful existence and Prairietron. Bullhorn sought to seek relaxation and with his trusted companion and 2nd in command Cow-Pie. However unbeknownst to him his trusted areal spy Chi-Con is vastly approaching his place of rest with news that the Butcherbots are again rising, Led by the Evil Cleaver the Butcherbots seek nothing more than to drain the life force from the WI-Cons. Bullhorn's peace will soon past and a the time to down his true form and again fight for the sake of his kind is coming.


  • Keith's Fantasy Club WI-CON 001 Bullhorn (2014)
Bullhorn is a remold and recolor of Rhinohorn Justice Version. He turns from robotic bull to microcassette. Comes in a green microcassette case with a sticker on the front. The instructions included with Bullhorn are copies of the ones from Rhinohorn Evil Version.
Limited to 100 pieces and 5 per person.



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