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"Alpha Incorporated" by FansProject
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Assaulter is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Broadside made by FansProject in 2012.


Assaulter is a third-party Transformer that has a three stage transform. He is an homage to the Transformers Autobot Broadside.

Assaulter is part of the same squadron as Steel Core. Besides his large robot mode he is also able to assume the form of a jet fighter. By tapping into the power of the Omega Cube, Assaulter is able to assume a third mode of a gigantic space cruiser through "mass shifting". This form is so large that numerous normal sized robots can fit inside him. In this form he can appear as a hologram of his robot mode to his passengers.


Assaulter concept images were displayed at TFcon 2009.

FansProject announced that their Warbot inspired by Broadside was still in the pipeline at Cybertron Con 2010.[1]

FansProject Core announced Assaulter in May 2012.[2]

Assaulter was previewed at the Third Party Panel at TFcon 2012.[3]

In October 2012 FansProject Core posted in-box pictures of Assaulter to their web site.[4]

On October 4th 2012 FansProject Core offered orders for a limited number of Warbot three-packs that included Defender, Steel Core and Assaulter. They sold out by the next day.[5]

Assaulter was released in November 2012.

In 2013 Reprolabels released two different label sets for Assaulter.

In February 2016 FPCore posted fiction about Project Redshift and Assaulter on their web site.[6]


In the moonbase2 podcast for January 9th, 2011 Dave mentioned there was no word on the release of the FansProject Broadside homage, and he worried it was canceled.[7]

The WTF@TFW podcast for May 24th, 2012 selected a picture of Assaulter as one of the New Picture Picks. They hosts said that it could pass for an original character or as a Broadside homage and commented the carrier mode reminded them of the SDF-1 from Macross.[8]

In the News Desk podcast for July 5th, 2012 Assaulter was covered as a topic. The hosts were not sure if this was an original character or an homage, but likened it to Broadside, a Macross jet, and something from Machine Wars.[9]

The WTF@TFW podcast for July 5th, 2012 selected a picture of Assaulter as one of the New Picture Picks. The hosts said he loved that it was a large jet and liked his guns.[10]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for July 5th, 2012 included the talk on Assaulter from the News Desk show.[11]

In the TF Beyond podcast for October 3rd, 2012 Assaulter was covered as a topic.[12]

In the TF Beyond podcast for October 11th, 2012 Assaulter was covered as a topic.[13]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for November 24th, 2012 one of the hosts talked about the Assaulter he recently bought.[14]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for November 30th, 2012 one of the hosts talked about the Assaulter he recently bought.[15]

The Retro Robot Radio podcast for October 12th, 2013 covered the mini-vehicles included with Assaulter in the weekly spotlight.[16]

Assaulter was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[17]

Fictional biography

Massive, the best word to describe Assaulter. When he joined the pax legion, Assaulters light hearted nature and general amiability made him instantly popular amongst his peers, this however masked a fairly tragic history, his colony had been one of the hardest hit during the initial engagements of the war, only his immense durability saving him. He is unusual for he does not have a ground based shift mode, when asked why, he simply stated. “I was meant for flight”. On the ground none are stronger and in the air few are faster.

Assaulter was one of the three chosen by Defender to participate in Project Redshift, each was chosen for their comfort with flight and their ability to work well with a team. All special division projects come with an element of risk but no one could have predicted the side effects that would present themselves. To say that Assaulter was changed would be a grave understatement. Those afflicted were dubbed “Berserkers”.

What emerged from the Special Division labs was a shadow of the being known as Assaulter. After the modifications were complete he was the most stable of the three test subjects, only he and Stratus were cleared for duty. Still maintaining his massive strength, Assaulter has become stoics and reserved, following orders to an almost obsessive level. Now under the command of Warbot Steelcore, Assaulter is careful to maintain his composure at all times as the risk of the berserker reemerging is an ever present concern. A time may come when Assaulter is forced to make the choice of weather or not to intentionally release the beast inside of himself with no guarantee that he could reclaim his mind afterwards.

FansProject comics

The story "Alpha Incorporated" features Assaulter and Steel Core rescuing Defender and his troops and telling them about the war on their planet.


  • Reprolabels Symbols for Wreckers (2009)
A set of Wreckers themed Autobot faction symbols.[18]
  • FansProject WB003 Warbot Assaulter (2012)
A new mold by FansProject. Turns from robot to jet or space ship, and had a secret second robot mode.
Assaulter came with a selection of small non-transforming vehicles that resembled other FansProject characters, including Steel Core and Defender.
  • Reprolabels Labels for FP Assaulter (2013)
A set labels intended to make Assaulter look more like Broadside.[19]
  • Reprolabels Labels for FP Assaulter (SDF) (2013)
A set of Macross inspired labels for Assaulter.[20]



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