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Steel Core
FansProject character
Warbot Steel Core box
First appearance

"Corelation" by FansProject
Created by

Voiced by

Dan Storm (Transformers: Ascension)
Release number

WB002, WB002EX
Aliases The Warden (Transformers: Ascension)
Species Transformer


Alpha Core
Autobot (Transformers: Ascension)
Alternate mode

Armored car

Steel Core is a fictional character and original third-party Transformer made by FansProject in 2012.


Steel Core is an original third-party Transformer character created by FansProject. Steel is the smaller "Heart Master", while the larger car is called Corer. They combine into Steel Core.

Steel Core is officially an original character, not an homage to any pre-existing Transformers character, although many of its features are similar to other Transformers. His alternate mode has been compared to War Within Optimus Prime and Grimlock. His robot design is often seen as inspired Armada Overload. The Heart Master gimmick is similar to a Powermaster. His colors are nearly identical to Revenge of the Fallen Rollbar.


The toy that would become Steel Core was first teased in January 2011 as HeartMaster HM-001, which was scheduled to come out in 2011.[1]

A prototype of Heart Master was displayed by TFsource in the dealer room at BotCon 2011.[2]

Unpainted prototype images of Heart Master were posted on the FansProject web site in July 2011.[3]

Color art of Steel Core was posted to the web in May 2012.[4]

Promotional images of Steel Core were released on the internet comparing him with Defender and a prototype of Assaulter.

FansProject displayed Steel Core at TFcon 2012, where they promoted a prototype with a different head and chest, resembling Armada Overload. Some Steel Core figures were sold by FansProject at TFcon in July 2012.

On October 4th, 2012 FansProject Core offered orders for a limited number of Warbot three-packs that included Defender, Steel Core and Assaulter. They sold out by the next day.[5]

On October 27th, 2012 FansProject Core announced a second limited run of Steel Core and the development of a trailer.

In April 2014 posted an online biography for Steel Core.[6]

Reprolabels released labels for Steel Core in September 2014.

Preorders for the Steel Core trailer went up on the web site on September 19th, 2014.

The Steel Core trailer was released in October 2014.


In the moonbase2 podcast for January 9th, 2011 Dave and Andy mentioned the upcoming "Heartmaster" toy.[7]

The WTF@TFW podcast for May 11th, 2012 selected Steel Core as one of the New Picture Picks.[8]

The WTF@TFW podcast for June 22nd, 2012 selected Steel Core as one of the New Picture Picks.[9]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for June 28th, 2012 discussed Steel Core as part of the Third Party Roundup.[10]

In the TF Beyond podcast for July 19th, 2012 Steel Core was covered as a topic.[11]

The Retro Robot Radio podcast for October 5th, 2013 covered FansProject Steel Core trailer in the news.[12]

Steel Core was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[13]

The Cybercast podcast for October 12th, 2013 discussed the FansProject Steel Core and his trailer in the news.[14]

The Cybercast podcast for September 13th, 2014 discussed Cubrar, Steel Core, Volar and Monstructor homage in the news.[15]

The Star To Star Toys News podcast for September 23rd, 2014 discussed Steel Core and his trailer in the news.[16]

Fictional biography

Steel was a junior scientist before joining the WARBOT ranks, he was part of the team developing and then weaponizing Endo-Frame technology. Long before the war began, Steel played an integral role in the development of the Soleron conversion process and one of its earliest adopters. He assisted in adapting the Soleron’s ability to generate excess crystal energy to power equipment and vehicles.

When it became apparent that the war between the Alphas and Betas was not destined to be a simple conflict as originally thought, Steel became obsessed with reinforcing the many alphas that had accepted the Soleron process with the ability to contribute to the war effort.

Steel was the first to merge with a weaponized CORER UNIT and was instrumental in their evolution as a military asset. He was immediately given a provisional position within the General Infantry. Unknown to most, Steel was actually considered for a position in Project Alpha due in large part to his dedication to the war effort, but his fierce independence ruled him out.

Under the instruction of his commanders, he was given no special treatment and received the same training as any other ranger. Fortunately, Steel excelled in his practical tests and won over many of his skeptical commanding officers. He quickly established himself as a capable leader and surrounded himself with an unusual team, including one of his most notable comrades - Assaulter (refer to Project Red Shift).[17]
PROJECT CORE-R (Combat Ops Reinforced Endo-Frame Ranger) was designed to give Solerons the same firepower and mobility of their larger unibody framed Alphas and Betas. Selected by Defender as part of the uplift initiative from the many proposals brought to him. It encountered a great number of setbacks. This is largely due to its similarity to the original project [INFORMATION BLOCKED BY CLEARANCE LEVEL].

The breakthrough in Endo-Frame technology came so suddenly, it was almost miraculous. Brought to to the Special Projects Division by [INFORMATION BLOCKED BY CLEARANCE LEVEL]. The integration circuitry was unlike anything that had ever been seen. Once the new technology had been integrated into the previously developed frames it wasn't very long before the first limited function Endo-Frames were being tested.

Due in large part to the influence and supervision of RAZER. Steel was selected as the controller of CORER UNIT 001 and given the combined designation of STEEL CORE.

The secrets of the CORE-R project remain shrouded in mystery but the technology has spread recently evolving once again as full frame Alphas have been converted into the Solerons with CORER units using their own former body's as raw materials.recently evolving once again as full frame Alphas have been converted into the Solerons with CORER units using their own former body's as raw materials.[18]

Animated series

Steel Core as the warden in Transformers: Ascension

Steel Core appears in the 2016 fan-made animated series Transformers: Ascension. He is depicted the warden of Garrus-9 prison in the season 1 episode #1 story called "Breakout". Steel Core is bested by Black Shadow while the Decepticon breaks his leader Megatron out of the prison. Megatron then shoots Steel Core as he escapes. Steel Core is voiced by Dan Storm.[19]


In the FansProject instruction comic called "Corelation" Steel and two of his soleron friends help Defender against the attacks of his enhanced clone. Steel calls in Corer for the fight and defeats the clone. The story directly follows the story of comic that came with Defender.

The story "Alpha Incorporated" features Assaulter, Defender and Steel Core.


  • FansProject WB002 Warbot Steel Core (2012)
A new mold by FansProject. Comes with "Corer" who turns from car to robot, and the smaller Steel, who becomes his heart. Also comes with a rifle, knife and comic. Corer can tow the FansProject G3 Trailer in vehicle mode. Steel Core was released through FansProject Core in July of 2012. 800 units assigned for sale through the site were sold out before they shipped.
An homage to Generation 1 Broadside was created by FansProject in 2012. This toy features three forms just like the original Broadside toy.
Assaulter shipped with a sprue of small non-transforming vehicles that resembled other FansProject characters, including Steel Core and his trailer, and Defender in both car and helicopter modes.
  • Reprolabels for Steel Core (2014)
A set of custom labels for Steel Core.[20]
  • FansProject WB002EX Core-Trailer (Steel) with Ruthen (2014)
The Core-Trailer comes with a Ruthen Soleron figure and a sticker sheet.
A site exclusive.



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