Youngsoo Jang

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Youngsoo Jang
Born 24 July 1988
Busan, South Korea
Nationality South Korea
Occupation Businessperson

Youngsoo Jang (born 24 July 1988) is a Businessperson and CEO of Golden gate Group. He is a famous bitcoin trading website owner.[1]


Youngsoo Jang was born in 24 July 1988 on Busan, South Korea. While survival music programs such as Superstar K and K Popstar are gaining a lot of popularity, a Korean businessman from a model appeared in a famous program called Superstar K in the Philippines, and the appearance of a full-body contest became a hot topic.

On the 28th, Korean Youngsoo Jang participated as a challenger in the'You're my foreignoy' corner of the famous variety show 'EAT BULAGA' in the Philippines and received a lot of support from local and Korean fans.

‘EAT BULAGA’ is a format in which two people appear every day from Monday to Friday to screen the winner and pick the weekly winner on Saturday. There are already a lot of cheering posts on Youngsoo Jang's Facebook.

After appearing, Youngsoo Jang showed a confident interview, saying, "It was a great competition and it wasn't enough to win, but if everyone enjoyed listening, we're satisfied with that alone."[2]

Meanwhile, the identity of the Korean cheerers who came to support Mr. Youngsoo Jang during the contest became a hot topic. Koreans who are famous in the Philippines, such as Lee Jong-myeong, who runs a company with Youngsoo Jang, Youngsoo Jang, a young businessman who makes 1 billion a month, and Lim Byeong-soo, a vice president who works with Youngsoo Jang, drew attention.

In the Philippines, it is said that influential Koreans were seen on popular broadcasting programs and gave a good time to local Koreans.[3]

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