Yeash Rahman

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Yeash Rahman
Born 2000-04-09
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Bogura Central High School.
Occupation Social Activists,YouTuber.
Religion Islam
Yeash Rahman

Yeash Rahman is a Social Activist, YouTuber, Vlogger. He is the founder of Yeash Rahman YouTube Chanel. He is also a singer, Actor, Vlogger. He was born and brought up at Dupchachiya in Bogura. He completed his schooling at Bogura Central High School and He is now studying at CSE in BIIT.


Yeash Rahman started his career at an early age as become a YouTuber.At a young age, he created a Youtube Channel. He started his Own YouTube Chanel. Yeash was asked regarding what he will do in the future at YouTube in Bangladesh. Yeash same that he not only works in Bangladesh his dream to go whole the world wide. Yeash same that he wants to vlog around the world. Visiting cities and exploring those on his YouTube Channel. He wants to explore every nation's activities their culture and bring it to documentaries as like video or other content. He always creat new content that helps people know very much clear and Amazingly.