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Yash Brahmbhatt Entrepreneur
Born 1977/10/16
Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Nationality Indian
Occupation Entrepreneur

Yash Brahmbhatt (born 16 October 1977 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat) is an Indian entrepreneur and founder of Shilp Group - a leading real estate company in Ahmedabad.[1] Yash Brahmbhatt is considered to be a pioneer in the Indian market, having successfully led Shilp Group into all formats of real estate. He is known within the firm as the visionary who comes with a roadmap; his meticulous planning skills have helped Shilp Group become a firm that delivers on every syllable of its promises. His strategic outlook of the land & real assets has given the firm a competitive edge far outweighing the market.[2]


Yash Brahmbhatt, a self-made real estate billionaire, who was born and raised in Ahmedabad, comes from a quite an ordinary family, but his dreams were extraordinary.[3]

The man of strength, Yash has built Shilp Group from scratch and believes that adaptation is the key and change is constant. He embraces challenges and keeps abreast of trends and styles. For him, Shilp is not just a business, but his own baby, who he has nurtured now stands tall and proud of it thoughtful upbringing.

A true visionary, Yash Brahmbhatt, has many accolades and achievements in his kitty which mark his years of dedication and spirit. He continues to strive for more accomplishments which is his way of giving it back to the society. He is as hard working and meticulous as he was when he in the beginning.[4]

Year 1997 was his turning point, when he was just 17 and was a student of BSC, Yash elaborates about his journey and says, "My brother started his business, and during the vacations, I too would stay at the shop with him to kill my time. And that's when I was roughly introduced to entrepreneurship, and I relished it. I like to take risks, rather calculative risks, and foresee any roadblocks that would come my way. I came up with my own business of a tiles shop in partnership with my friend, and that's when it all began.[5]

From 1997 to 2001, Yash continued in the same business of tiles. Started with a small shop and turned it into a showroom, but something was missing. He wanted to grow beyond the tiles showroom, and that's when he targeted a small piece of land. Since the beginning, he aspired to be in the business of real estate and wanted to build unique structures with memorable elevation and wow people with the intricacies of his designs.

In 2004, the first building we completed was Shilp Arcade at the Jodhpur Crossroads in Ahmedabad and today after all these wonderful years, we have projects that are completed and ongoing too, that sums up to 40 in total.Shilp Group is the first one in the business to have constructed buildings at Sindhu Bhavan Road, currently a prime area of Ahmedabad. It is indeed a matter of pride for the group to even have signature crossroads at SBR.Pandemic has challenged everyone and so does to Shilp Group, the esteemed company is a result of many sleepless nights. It is the hard work of years, perseverance and persistence that has kept people and the clients intact with the group for its magnificent level of service.

More than challenges, there was competition. There were good players and established ones both at the national and local level.The Founder of Shilp Group had no family business to boast of. He is the only force behind the group. He believes, come what may, adapt to everything new and trending but don't leave behind the simplicity and things that are here to stay for the long term.The idea was to build a team that will understand and believe in my vision and work and focus. We have always encouraged our family members more as the trust stays intact and the responsibilities are in safe hands. With family, some people were as passionate as I was for Shilp, and those are still associated with us. That's how the group has grown over the years."Shilp Group has won many awards and accolades at the state as well as the national level for the excellent delivery of work. But what makes it the best is careful planning.

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